Saturday, December 3, 2016



Anti-establishment party in Iceland invited to form government

Iceland’s anti-establishment party has been invited to form a government. The Pirate party has received ...

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MH370 relatives take search into own hands

Family members of passengers onboard the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 are taking the search ...

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Bodies of Brazilian football players taken home

The small Brazilian town of Chapeco, is preparing to receive the bodies of those killed ...

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16% increase in cruise ships received by Dubai

Dubai will receive almost 160 cruise ships during the current cruise tourism season. That’s according ...

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Gambians vote out Yahya Jammeh after 22 years

Gambians are celebrating after voting out Yahya Jammeh after 22 years. The outgoing leader, who ...

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Trump breaks 37 year US policy stance with Taiwan

President elect Donald Trump has broken a long held US policy stance by directly speaking ...

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Final day of the 2016 Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens underway

The final day of the 2016 Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens is underway. International teams ...

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Pilot suffers heart attack before taking off from Glasgow airport

A pilot has suffered a heart attack just before taking off from Glasgow airport, bound ...

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US unemployment rate falls to nine-year low

The US unemployment rate has fallen to a nine-year low. That’s according to the latest ...

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Johnson, Matsuyama tied for the lead at halfway stage of the Hero World Challenge

Dustin Johnson and Hideki Matsuyama are tied for the lead at the halfway stage of ...

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