UAE residents prefer staycations for Eid Al Adha: report

UAE residents prefer staycations for Eid Al Adha: report

Domestic staycations are at the top of UAE residents’ travel list for the upcoming Eid Al Adha holidays.

That’s according to new research by the digital marketing platform SEMrush, which found that at least 200,000 online searches are made for domestic holidays relating to Eid vacations, each year.

The bulk of the searches are linked to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The firm’s Corporate Communications Manager, Adam Zeidan, explains.


The study shows that multibillion dirham investments in hotels, theme parks and other tourist attractions across the UAE are enticing residents to explore cost-effective holiday options within the country.

Zeidan told ARN News that there are plenty of untapped opportunities for travel agencies and hotels in the lucrative domestic tourism market.


He also added that marketers must further finetune their digital marketing strategies to capture this growing segment of the market.


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