Am I Your Type (Of Holiday): Cycling Holidays

Today we’re doing cycling holidays, keeping with the theme of Dubai Tour.

Now before we set off on our locations you have to think of a few things –

  • Will it be DIY or a guided tour?

You can go DIY – booking your own flights, transfers, accommodation and planning your own route.

This is a bit cheaper but requires either a good knowledge of the area or spending a lot of time on Google Maps.

A guided tour is with a cycle tour provider – it may include accommodation, a mechanic, food, a guide who will lead and even a car to store all your luggage. This option is more expensive.

  • Hire a bike or take your own?

You need to consider extra baggage costs if you’re taking your own – including having a bike bag or box. But this also means that your bike is ready for you, according to how you use it.

Hiring a bike means you’ll need to measure it up to get the fit right, and the new ride might take a bit of getting used to.

Now that you’ve answered those questions lets begin by heading first to Jordan.

It’s the perfect place for a quick tour as its so close to us.

So the one that I’ve picked is called the Petra and Wadi Rum tour – It takes us through olive groves and hill top villages in the north, then down south we will head through desert roads with sparse and nomadic population.

Plus you get to visit the UNESCO site of Petra, spend a night under the stars in the Wadi Rum desert then you can also float in the Dead Sea.





Next up we’re off to India.

Now as you can imagine – there are a variety of options that you can pick in India but I’ve picked one area that is on my bucket list and it’s the northern parts and we’re heading from the hilly areas of Manali to Leh – across the Indian Himalayas.

It is a unique region, home to traditional Tibetan Buddhism. This one takes you though forests and valleys to peaks and glaciers. You can experience Ladakhi culture and see monasteries. Imagine blue skies, blue green water, chilly weather – brown mountain ranges!



A bit further off this one – we’re going to South Africa.

This is a famous tour – with the first version dating back to the 70s – it’s called the Cape Argus Cycle Tour down the Cape Peninsula.

It’s a circular route, starting in Cape Town, takes you down 109kms of coastal roads along the Cape Peninsula, past villages and bays until the entrance of the Cape Point Nature Reserve before returning to Cape Town.

For your time to be officially counted you will need to complete the route in under 7hrs (the fastest cyclists will complete it in under 3hrs).


Now for a little relaxation mixed with cycling – we’re going on a
Bike & Boat tour through Passau, Budapest and Vienna.

It’s the Danube loop, through terraced vineyards, fortresses and palaces, forests, cycling along quiet paths, passing iconic cities such as Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest while your floating hotel accompanies you.






Staying in Europe – but we’re going to
Finland in winter.

Imagine cycling in the snow! But you need specific kind of kit called Fat bikes. They’ve got chunky tyres to steer through the snow trails and tracks with stunning Arctic scenery and forests – watching for elk and reindeers! You will also stay overnight in characteristically remote log cabins.






And best for last – cycle from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

You cycle through the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City – with markets and back roads into the Cu Chi tunnels.

Crossing through to Cambodia passing green countryside, fertile rice fields and villages, palaces, pagodas and French inspired architecture of Phnom Penh before heading the spectacular Angkor temples in Siem Reap.

This is 525 kms – almost like doing the first three stages of Dubai Tour – (which is 851 kms)

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