#TravelMum Chases The Northern Lights

Who is #TravelMum? She’s Andrea Bailey – mum of three, travel counsellor and travel writer, and is passionate about travel and creating great memories for her family and clients. This is what she thought about a trip to the Arctic Circle.  @beyondavisit on Instagram for more fabulous pics! 


Abisko has a micro climate due to its location and the mountains that surround it making it one of the best places on the planet to see the Aurora lights. August and September are months with very little sun. Once it begins snowing, then you can see better in the dark due to the reflection. During winter – there is sunlight between the hours of 9 and 2pm only.


 Did you know? Here are 2 things that need to happen to see the Aurora Borealis 
1. Solar flares and activity around the sun
2. Clear atmosphere around Earth skies


Things To Do Around Abisko 
1. Aurora chasing and photo tours: You can sign up for the nightly tours where a photo tour guide takes you to the best viewing spots to catch the lights. It’s a magical experience when the lights begin their dance. If you see pinks, blues and purples besides the green – the lights are at their strongest.
2. Abisko Sky Station: Take a ride up a ski lift to the mountain side for spectacular views over the national park.
3. Meet the Sami – A visit to the Sami is great for the soul. Listen to their songs, ride their reindeer sleds and share a typical Sami lunch in their tent.
4. Snowmobiling: Take a ride for 2 hours through ice covered trees and frozen lakes. Stop for a coffee and some photos.

5.  Husky rides – get onto a husky sled and hold on for the ride of your life! Snowshoe walks – get onto what seem to be large tennis raquets with braces and strap your boots in. These snow shoes grip slippery snow so you can walk better around the tracks to chase the Aurora.


Where to Stay 
STF or Hotel Abisko Touristation Located in the Abisko National Park, this is one of the best places to stay. Great local food such as Arctic Char, Lingonberry sauces and jams and organic salads.


Abisko Mountain Lodge
A homely feel lodge with a cosy restaurant and fantastic. The owners, Dick and Mina are incredible. 

Ice Hotel 365 – Very newly opened, the Ice Hotel 365 uses solar power to keep it cold and icy through the summer months. The temperature is maintained at -5 degrees. Each suite is art inspired in the name and the design of the interior. It’s fully booked most nights and the average duration of stay is 1 night!

How To Get There
Dubai to Srockholm; Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and Norwegian.
Stockholm to Kiruna: Norwegian and SAS Airlines operate daily flights.

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