Disney Animator Tony Bonilla Joins Drive Live

ING Creatives Conference and Festival is on at D3 from April 11th! As part of the continuous efforts made by the Dubai-based creative community ING Creatives Conference unlocks creative potential through talks, workshops, and networking sessions. 

One of the speakers of the event, Tony Bonilla, joins the Drive Live team to discuss Reel FX in the film industry. Tony who has worked with Reel FX on projects like commercial work for Kung Fu Panda, and Madagascar 2 shares his experience in the industry. His portfolio also includes animated feature films such as Open Season 2, and the animated short for the Kung Fu Panda DVD release; Secrets of the Furious Five. Tony has also been involved in the production of Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Rio 2 with Blue Sky Studios, as well as Big Hero 6 and Zootopia for Disney.

He’s also spent some time as a video game animator at id Software and he is currently working on Wreck-It-Ralph 2! Listen to the full interview below.



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