The Thursday Brunch: Spinneys Meat Production & Suhoor and Iftar #DubaiToday

In the second hour today we take you to the Spinneys Meat Production Facility with Suzanne Radford where she learns how they go from producing 6 tonnes of meat a day across their 59 stores to 10 tonnes daily during Ramadan!

If you want to see and hear about Suzanne’s visit to the Spinneys bakery click here

When you browse the shelves of Spinneys choosing your roast or cuts for the week have you ever wondered how the the product has reached the shelf? Suzanne was shown around the Spinneys Meat Production Facility in DIP for a behind the scenes tour given by Harold Edwin Van Rooyen, Factory Manager and Chef, Glen Thompson from Spinneys Fresh Food Industries and Colette Shannon, Head of Communications.

She was guided through the process of how the meat was butchered, prepared, packaged and distributed to the 59 stores in the UAE. None of the slaughtering takes place in the U.A.E. but in the country of origin. Suzanne discusses the considerations made and impact on these decisions on maintaining quality whilst also bringing value for money to the customer with Glen. 

During her visit the factory also had visitors from Stanbroke farms. She got a first hand lesson in how to butcher the meat from the guys the suppliers visiting from Australia. Stanbroke farms have been supplying Spinneys meat for the past 10 years and the guys are visiting to deliver training to Spinneys staff on how to breakdown a whole carcass and debone the product and this case a cube roll.

Suzanne then gets taken around the facility by Harold who explains more about packaging and food safety as well as how the percentage of fat in the minced beef you buy is tested for the labels on the packaging. 

For Ramadan their meat production is increased by 66% and a large part of that is due to people choosing the convenience of the easy to cook meals which have been spiced, marinated or prepared ready to be taken home and stick straight onto a grill or pan or into an oven.

Colette Shannon tells Suzanne about some of the Ramadan favourites like the kofta and the lamb shoulder with mint glaze and garlic whilst showing her where the meals are prepared. 

Before that, at 11, we have Silvena Rowe from Omnia restaurants joining Suzanne in studio with Tahir Shah from Moti Roti talking about foods for Suhoor and Iftar.

Don’t forget to listen in to our Mystery Ingredient competition clues for a chance to win Iftar for four people at Omnia Baharat – Indian Kitchen in the Mall of Emirates. 

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