The Thursday Brunch: Your Favourite Culinary City in the World

Helen Farmer is at the table for a delicious Thursday Brunch. Today we want to know what your favourite foodie location is in the world. We are very spoilt in the UAE to have access to a wide range of cuisines, from street food to high end fine dining. But is there another place that stands out for you as your culinary star?

Helen is joined today by  Chef Alexi Mostert. Chef Alexi is at the helm of all kitchen operations at Tom&Serg, The Sum of Us, Common Grounds and Brunswick Eatery, Bar & Terrace. He will be bringing in some of his favourite dishes for the food panel to try and discuss and well as offering listeners tips and recipes for you to try at home. 

On the food panel we have Lindsay Bettles from I eat my peas as well as friend of the show, and Communications Manager at Spinneys, Collette Shannon.

Food News stories that have caught our eye this week:

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Robots to serve us!

Can a mushroom be considered a trend? 

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Ramadan food fridges are back!

Vegan Society wants vegan food options in schools and hospitals.

Being charged for asking for extra cheese.

This week’s mystery ingredient prize is a 500 dirham voucher for Brunswick Eatery, Bar & Terrace. Send in your guesses to the clues and any questions, opinions and your favourite culinary location to us via the Dubai Eye app or by texting 4001


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