Monday, August 21, 2017

The Ticket Podcasts

  • The Ticket - Radio Book Club 21.08.2017

    The Radio Book Club with Yvette Judge from the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature looks at reads for the train and the plane.

  • The Ticket - Deal of the Week 21.08.2017

    Looking for a quick weekend getaway that costs less? We have Rob from DNATA Travel with us in studio to share this good deal!

  • The Ticket - Stef's Fitness Challenge 21.08.2017

    We talk about Stef's fitness challenge on the Ticket. She threw herself into training with Fit Squad 3 times a week in the gym. Stef is a vegatarian so for her meals she went with a company called Nourishing Dubai which is gluten free, dairy free and full of meat.

  • Ticket Talkback - Queuing 21.08.2017

    On Ticket Talkback, we ask our listeners ‘What would you queue for?’ Anything? We have a list of the top 10 worst queues for tourist attractions.

  • The Ticket - Forward Thinking 20.08.2017

    Forward Thinking with Caitlyn from Lovin Dubai plans out your week ahead.

  • The Ticket - Dubai Opera 20.08.2017

    Mark and Stef talk about what’s in store for us at Dubai Opera with Jasper Hope, CEO.

  • The Ticket - Word Travel 20.08.2017

    Time for some Word Travel with Angela Boshoff Hundal, Founder of Scribe copywriting agency. Today, we're talking odd and interesting tours like expedition ships, visiting Chernobyl, gangster tours, Charles Manson tours and more.

  • Ticket Talkback - Gap Years 20.08.2017

    We’re discussing gap years on Ticket Talkback. A lot of students this year will be looking to defer their university placement whilst they head off for a year of growth and discovery. We ask you if there were any negatives to taking a year out of your studies?

  • The Ticket - Reel Time 17.08.2017

    Reel Time checks out the movies with our film critic William Mullally from Empire Magazine. We’re also joined in the studio by Shreeya from School Of Little Voice.

  • The Ticket - Live Weekend 17.08.2017

    We set up your weekend with all the events happening in town on Live Weekend!

  • Tracks Of My Travels - Trisha 17.08.2017

    The Tracks Of My Travels looks at great music and amazing travel memories. This week we have our intern Trisha, she grew up in Dubai and graduated from NY University with a BA in linguistics.

  • The Ticket - Travel Stories 17.08.2017

    We run through some of the travel stories that may have passed you by over the week. This week, we discovered that travellers were unaware that they could face 10 years in jail for vaping in Thailand.

  • The Ticket - 5 Things M&S Can't Afford To Do 16.08.2017

    It's time for 5 things Mark and Stef can't afford to do this week with Sarah Hedley Hymers, Editor of Condé Naste Traveller Middle East.

  • Dartboard Destination - Sri Lanka 16.08.2017

    Mark Lloyd takes us to Sri Lanka on this week's Dartboard Destination!

  • Ticket Talkback - Tourism Protests 16.08.2017

    We discuss something that goes against what we stand for as a travel show really. We spend our time looking to inspire you to travel, see the world, learn about other cultures and that’s great for you but what about the people in the places you are visiting. What if they don’t want a lot of tourists? Is it possible that travelling has become too accessible? This topic is off the back of furious anti-tourism demonstrations in Spain spreading across Europe and threatening thousands of summer holidays as outraged locals demand holidaymakers stop “invading” their cities.