Monday, March 27, 2017

The Ticket Podcasts

  • Ticket Talkback 23.03.2017

    Zahra and Danny ask the question on Ticket Talkback: Is there such a thing as too much tourism?

  • Tracks of My Travels 23.03.2017

    Danny shares his Tracks of his Travels with The Ticket team.

  • The Ticket - Haitham Mattar 23.03.2017

    Haitham from the RAK Tourism Development Department joins the team to discuss sustainable tourism, how infrastructure is key to tourism grown, plus news about the Via Ferrata and new zipline coming soon to our northern emirate.

  • Live Weekend 23.03.2017

    Danny and Zahra get you ready for the weekend. This includes cycling and a street food festival! It's Live Weekend! Check out Fashion Forward and get locked in a room for 60 minutes with Zahra and the fantastic new escape room haunt, Escape Reality.

  • Reel Time 23.03.2017

    William shares his interview with the Life cast on Reel Time. Alfie is our Little Movie Reviewer of the week! Lego Batman - thumbs up or down? Find out now.

  • Ticket Talkback 22.03.2017

    Mark and Zahra get straight into Ticket Talkback are are asking how far you would go to impress someone? This is following the story of a young Australian man who jumped in a river to impress a girl and came face to face with a Crocodile.

  • The Ticket - AirlineRatings 22.03.2017

    Geoffrey Thomas, MD and Editor in Chief of, talks about the recent ban on electronic devices in cabins on airlines flying from this region.

  • The Ticket - Sherazade Concert 22.03.2017

    Anne Cabanel from Alliance Francais talks about the Sherazade Concert happening tonight plus a look at other events happening over the next few weeks.

  • The Ticket - Stage Door 22.03.2017

    This week on Stage Door we are asking our panel if Shakespeare productions are still relevant in their original form for audiences in Dubai.

  • The Ticket - Emily Brown & The Thing 22.03.2017

    Zahra goes behind the scenes at Emily Brown, the new production at the Madinat Theatre.

  • The Ticket - 5 Things M&S Cant Afford To Do 22.03.2017

    Steven Bond has 5 things that Mark and Zahra can’t afford to do this week.

  • Dubai Opera - BBC Proms 22.03.2017

    Jasper Hope, CO of Dubai Opera, along with David Pickard, Director of the BBC Proms, look at what's in store for audiences this week at the Proms.

  • Ticket Talkback 21.03.2017

    Mark and Zahra are in the studio and on Ticket Talkback we are asking, are you spending too much time on the road when it comes to business travel?

  • Gig Trippin' 21.03.2017

    Gig Trippin takes us to see not one but two great bands today - Hall and Oates and Tears for Fears in Los Angeles.

  • Travel Mum 21.03.2017

    Andrea Bailey, The Travel Mum, takes us on some Mother’s Day escapes.