Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Ticket Podcasts

  • The Ticket - Talkback 17.01.2017

    Mark and Zahra get things started on The Ticket Talkback and are looking at the story of Air India introducing women only rows on their domestic flights.

  • Just For Boys 17.01.2017

    Rob Chilton and his dad John talk travel and things to do Just For Boys.

  • Travel Mum 17.01.2017

    The Travel Mum Andrea Bailey talks eco-friendly family holidays.

  • The Radio Book Club 17.01.2017

    The Radio Book Club with Yvette Judge gets started with The Word for the Week. We talk books for the traveler with reads for the taxi, the plane and even the shower.

  • Live from Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 1, 16.01.2017

    Mark, Stef and Zahra are live at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week and in the first hour they chat to visitors about where they have come from and why they are at the exhibition. We talk to the Travel Camel about sustainable travel and Simon Anholt from Masdar.

  • Live from Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2, 16.01.2017

    Mark, Stef and Zahra look at different ways we can make our travels more sustainable in the future and talk to many travel professionals who give their views on sustainable travel.

  • Live from Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 3, 16.01.2017

    The Ticket is live from Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week and in this hour Stef talks to Weibe Wakker from the Netherlands about his incredible adventure in an electric car.

  • The Ticket - Talkback 15.01.2017

    Mark and Zahra are getting set for The Ticket live broadcasts from Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week and we're asking today what do you do to offset your carbon footprint when travelling?

  • Alliance Française Dubai 15.01.2017

    We're joined by Bernard Frontero and Anne Cabanel from the Alliance Française to talk about upcoming events and their newly opened art gallery La Galerie.

  • Keeping Mum 15.01.2017

    We're joined next by Helen Farmer from the parenting blog The Mothership and this week we're talking babymoons.

  • Am I Your Type (Of Holiday) 15.01.2017

    Am I Your Type this week hits the slopes to go skiing.

  • Forward Thinking 15.01.2017

    Time to plan out the week ahead with Laura from What’s On with some Forward Thinking.

  • Astronautalis 12.01.2017

    Fascinating storyteller and musician Astronautalis freestyles, shares his touring stories and plays a terribly naff Ticket quiz live on #TheTicket. What a guy! Check him out before he plays Bad House Party at Casa Latina tonight. 

  • Exploring Cuba with Brandy Scott 12.01.2017

    Brandy Scott from the Business Breakfast joins us next to talk Cuba. We asked what was she expecting, first impressions and where did it all go wrong?

  • Live Weekend 12.01.2017

    We set up your weekend with all the events happening in town on Live Weekend!