Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Ticket Podcasts

  • The Ticket - Live from INDEX 2017, 1 - 22.05.2017

    Michelle, Surina and Producer Shruthi are live from INDEX design series – a place where architects, creative, designers, hoteliers, retailers and wholesalers come together to get inspired. They are joined on the couch by one of the stars of Index Design Series: Bethan Gray, an award-winning Welsh designer, based in London. Bethan combines a passion for luxurious natural materials - leather, marble and solid wood - with an extensive knowledge of craftsmanship and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

  • The Ticket - Live from INDEX 2017, 2 - 22.05.2017

    A couple of weeks ago, Michelle was in Rwanda as part of a special trip to the country with Enviroserve. She went to visit their e-waste factory! And quite by coincidence she ended up staying at the hotel made famous by the movie 2004 “Hotel Rwanda”. The hotel is called Hotel des Mille. Colleen and Michelle tracked down the General Manager there – Denis Wollner. It's also time for our travel mum Andrea Bailey and she takes us to Switzerland!

  • The Ticket - Live from INDEX 2017, 3 - 22.05.2017

    Michelle, Surina & Producer Shruthi are live from INDEX design series – a place where architects, creative, designers, hoteliers, retailers and wholesalers come together to get inspired.

    It's time for our Food News & Review with Monica Kapila from the blog 'doindubai.com' – an honest guide to life in Dubai, discussing great ideas and suggestions for Iftar. We find out restaurants open all day during

  • The Ticket - Talking Music 21.05.2017

    Joining us in studio is Alexander Tombrink from The Fridge Concert Series and Ratish Chadha and Usef Nder from “Noon”.

  • Getting Techy 21.05.2017

    In the studio we have Kevin Sebastian, the author of Absolute Geeks, bringing us some travel out-and-about techs and gadgets such as the new Skull Candy wireless headphones, ASUS wireless hard drive and a Nikon SLR camera!

  • Deal of the Week 21.05.2017

    It’s that time again where we, along with you “Ticketers”, get to guess where we might be headed with a super duper deal with Michelle from Dnata Travel.

  • Poetry with Jane Stark 21.05.2017

    Jane Stark joins us in studio with a poem from 2016 Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan.

  • Forward Thinking 21.05.2017

    Time to take out our diaries and pencil in what we should be getting up to this week with Laura from What's On!

  • Ticket Talkback 18.05.2017

    On Ticket Talkback we talk about plane food! According to The Telegraph, meals served at altitude not only taste terrible, but are often more calorific and, strangely, more desirable than dishes served on the ground. How do you feel about plane food in general?

  • Tracks Of My Travels - Joe Washbourn of Toploader 18.05.2017

    Joe Washbourn of Toploader shares his favorite music on The Tracks Of My Travels.

  • Live Weekend 18.05.2017

    It's Live Weekend and we start with the Laughter Factory. It’s the last one before summer, and you’ll get to see Kai Humphries, Addy van der Borgh and Spider-Man’s dad Dominic Holland. He was on The Ticket earlier this week and says he quite likes performing in the UAE. We also speak with Laura from What's On about the Walk for Wellness - Dubai’s first mental health walk.

  • Reel Time 18.05.2017

    Reel Time looks at the movie releases this week with William Mullally!

  • The Ticket Live - Mary Poppins at the Dubai Opera 1, 17.05.2017

    The Ticket team are out of the studio at Dubai Opera. We chat to a young man who has just travelled around India and Nepal. We also talk about travel ditching. Listen out for some tips on how to travel ditch according to The Huffington Post.

  • The Ticket Live - Mary Poppins at the Dubai Opera 2, 17.05.2017

    Live music and we have Lucas Leao performing live on The Ticket! We also have actor Jonathan Siklos from Dubai Drama Group and Liz Hadaway from theatrical events company Constellation for the latest news in the world of theatre.

  • The Ticket Live from the Dubai Opera - 5 Things M&S Can't Afford To Do 17.05.2017

    Time to talk about luxury at 50,000 feet - The Dream Jet! 5 Things Mark & Stef Can't Afford To Do This week with Steven Bond from Destination of the World News. Steven also shares his holiday experience in Mexico!