Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Ticket Podcasts

  • The Ticket - Reel Time 22.06.2017

    Reel Time looks at the movie releases this week with William Mullally! We also have a little movie reviewer from School Of Little Voice join us for a review. This week we have Dylan!


  • The Ticket - Live Weekend 22.06.2017

    Live Weekend looks at what’s happening around town this weekend.

  • Ticket Talkback 22.06.2017

    On Ticket Talkback, we asked our listeners if 13 years old too young to travel alone on a trip? 

  • The Ticket - Dubai Opera 21.06.2017

    Jasper Hope of Dubai Opera talks about what’s in store for us at Dubai Opera House.

  • The Ticket - Michelle's Trip To Disney World 21.06.2017

    Michelle Loxton recently took an epic Disney Trip in Florida and she shares her cruising experience on board the Disney Wonder!

  • The Ticket - Snap Happy 21.06.2017

    We are joined in the studio by Mohammed from Gulf Photo Plus and Nadia Bseiso, who is a panelist at Wednesday nights talk happening at Gulf Photo Plus. This talk is about analogue film photography. Mo & Nadia tell us more.

  • The Ticket - Adrian Hayes 21.06.2017

    Stef is in conversation with our favourite adventurer here on The Ticket – Adrian Hayes! He’s done some amazing things. He started climbing mountains when he was 16. Adrian went back and summited K2 and also walked from Canada to the North Pole. The Bhutan trip with Adrian Hayes and Gulf 4 Good could be a really good opportunity for people to find their own headspace. 

  • Food News & The Review 20.06.2017

    You do not have long left to experience an Iftar in Dubai this year if you haven’t already. Monica is here to tell us about some of the ones she has tried. Michelle has also been to a couple to tell you about as well.

  • The Ticket - Mozambique Horse Safari 20.06.2017

    The Ticket features an amazing story of Mandy and Pat and how the Mozambique Horse Safari came about. Michelle spoke to Mandy on the phone from Mozambique and shared how their story started.

  • Gig Trippin - Classics 20.06.2017

    Giving you another listen to a Mark Lloyd Gig Tripping special this afternoon. You still have time to do this one. It’s next month and it’s going to be such a fantastic festival.

  • Taking 'Disaster Selfies' Next to Grenfell Tower 20.06.2017

    We talk about an article in a British newspaper this week following the tragic fire at Greenfell Tower in London where at least 79 people are thought to have died last Wednesday. Several people have been seen posing for selfies in Notting Hill, with the charred White City tower block in the distance behind them. Now, a hand made sign has been put up warning people not to take selfies in front of the building. Mohammed from Gulf Photo Plus gives his opinion.

  • The Ticket - Radio Book Club 19.06.2017

    The Radio Book Club with Yvette Judge from the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature looks at reads in the train, the plane, and even in the back of the taxi!

  • The Ticket - Travel Mum 19.06.2017

    Andrea Bailey from joins us every week to convince us where we should take our kids next.

  • The Ticket - Just For Boys 19.06.2017

    Rob Chilton from Edgar magazine joins us to talk travel and entertainment from the gentleman’s perspective.

  • Ticket Talkback 19.06.2017

    We are taking a listen back to one of our favourite Ticket Talkbacks. There was a great article in The Telegraph that said we can wave goodbye to beach holidays where the kids make their own fun this year. Intead it’s going to be all about parents taking microadventures with their children.