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There is no doubt that animal lovers in the UAE are abundant. The Animal House is designed to provide a no-holds barred forum for debate on all things animal related. Whether you are after the practical, the philosophical or the plain entertaining, you will get your fill every Monday from 1.00 – 2.00pm.

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WHAT’S THE ANIMAL? – Your chance to win fantastic prizes, courtesy of Royal Canin. All you need to do is listen out for the three clues, get it right and if the computer picks you, you´ll be sent a 2-month-supply of petfood. Rhiya and Hitti were really happy to receive theirs.


Below we present to you the Animals of the UAE, like Safran, the tea drinking camel. He lives on a farm 30 kms outside Dubai and is owned by a German lady called Ursula, better known as Kamel Uschi. Safran loves to quench his thirst with a bottle of cooled down tea.

This is Leslie, a two-foot-long Monitor Lizard who lives in Emirates Hills. Alison Lawlor spotted the native species in a plant pot at her home a few weeks ago and named him Leslie. No need to say she was very surprised to find this kind of animal in her back yard, as the creature is native to the UAE but seldom seen in the city.

This is Simon, K9 Friends longest resident. The Saluki was born 1st Dez 2011 and he came to the kennels in June 2012 after he was involved in a car accident. Simon recovered at the vet and came to K9 Friends who found him a foster home. Unfortunately, he managed to escape and got caught in barbed wire, which didn´t speed up his recovery. Ever since he´s been at the kennels. Simon has a wonderful friendly nature, K9 Friends´ Alister Milne says “Simon has just been unlucky”.

This is Rio, Dubai´s happiest bird. He´s a blue and yellow macaw and he gets to fly freely around the Dubai Polo Club and the Al Qudra area nearly every day. His owner Steve works at the Polo Club and regularly takes him and his three for a spin. Rio has three siblings: a British bulldog, a white husky and a greyhound called Mouse. All, including Rio, are rescue animals.

This is Snoopy, a rabbit that´s 9 months old and belongs to a little girl called Clara. Snoopy is Dubai´s hungriest rabbit! She will never stop eating! She especially likes her pellets which she munches on happily, but she´s also keen to feast on fresh salads, cucumbers and apples and of course a big pile of hay! Snoopy is an indoor rabbit and gets to rummage around the apartment freely.

This is Pashmak, which in Persian means Cotton Candy, and he is a Turkish Angora cat. He´s Dubai´s luckiest cat because Sean adopted him. Around one year ago, Pashmak was found by a lady in the streets of Bur Dubai. He was extremely dirty. The lady kept him for a few months in a small cage which he was never allowed to escape, she didn´t even wash him. Later she got fed up and wanted to get rid of him and send him back to the streets. But her friend Delaram, who loves and helps abused cats, brought him to her home, where Pashmak found four new cat friends. After they groomed and washed him, they found out that his color is actually white!!! Pashmak was very scared and depressed and didn´t know how to deal with humans.

After a while he felt much better and Sean took him in permanently. He is a lovely cat now, very nice to other cats and people, very playful and kind. Happy end for an abused cat! 

This is Khaimah, a greater spotted eagle that the team at Royal Shaheen adopted. He came to them with a broken leg, which has successfully healed. He is now used regularly in their bird shows with tourists visiting the UAE.

This is Dubai´s most recently released turtle, a male logger head turtle who has a satellite tagged on its shield. It is making its way back to the wild after being rehabilitated by the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project at the Burj Al Arab, along with 100 juvenile hawksbill turtles.


Suzanne Radford at the Royal Canin Headquarters:

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Suzanne Radford takes a tour of DKC Veterinary Clinic with Managing Veterinarian and Partner Dr. Lucinda Nattrass, a regular on our Animal House show.

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