Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Agenda Podcasts

  • The Agenda - Younger vs Older Parents 22.06.2017

    Today we’re debating the pros and cons of being a ‘younger’ parent vs an ‘older’ parent. Do you wish you had your children later or earlier in life? Do you think it’s made any difference to their character or education?

  • The Agenda - New Technologies & The Future 21.06.2017

    New technology, smart cities, AI, driverless and flying cars, space travel. Are you excited about the future or are you concerned?

  • The Property Market - What Are You Seeing 20.06.2017

    According to Dubai-based property brokers Allsopp & Allsopp, fewer Dubai landlords these days are insisting on a single rent cheque. Is this what you’re seeing? Is your landlord being flexible? Meanwhile, some experts believe property buyers have never had it better and it’s a good time to be a property investor in Dubai. Would you agree? Are you planning to buy?

  • The Agenda - Parental Advisory 19.06.2017

    Have you watched the controversial Netflix series '13 Reasons Why'? Do you think it’s appropriate for teens? Should you watch it as a family? And do you feel it has been an eye-opener and led to the start of important conversations in your family, school and society? Listeners share their thoughts.

  • The Agenda - Paper Review 18.06.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.

  • The Agenda - Pink Parking & Red Roads 15.06.2017

    Have you spotted the ‘red road’ in Dubai? Have you adjusted your speed limit accordingly? What about the ladies–only pink parking spaces in Abu Dhabi? A good idea? Do we need men-only parking spaces too? Listeners share their thoughts.

  • The Agenda - Corporate Social Responsibility 14.06.2017

    We explore the new UAE government directive on mandatory CSR for private companies in the UAE. What are your thoughts? A great initiative and much needed here? We also look at The Year of Giving and whether it has encouraged you to be more generous and charitable.

  • The Agenda - Sending Your Child to Boarding School In the UAE 13.06.2017

    In a recent report, YouGov revealed that over HALF of respondents, comprising of both students and parents, would consider sending their children to boarding school in the UAE. As a parent, would you? 

  • The Agenda - Summer Preparations 12.06.2017

    DEWA has called on all residents to adopt a conscious and responsible lifestyle this season through their new campaign “Let’s Make This Summer Green”. Will you be ‘summer-proofing’ your home? What tips and advice can you share? Also looking at summer camps for the kids – are they useful and worth the money? Listeners share their thoughts.

  • The Agenda - Paper Review 11.06.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.

  • The Agenda - Shared Medical Appointments 08.06.2017

    Would you be willing to share a medical appointment with another patient? Shared medical appointments are when patients receive one-on-one consultations with a physician in the presence of others with similar conditions. According to experts at LBS, doctors and patients can benefit from shared medical appointments because they can improve outcomes for patients while dramatically reducing waiting times and costs. What are your thoughts? Willing to give it a try?

  • The Agenda - Sabbatical From Social Media or Work 07.06.2017

    Have you or would you ever take a sabbatical from social media? What about work? Was the experience beneficial? Or did it have a detrimental impact on your career growth? Listeners get involved in the discussion.

  • The Agenda - Smoking 06.06.2017

    According to the fifth World Tobacco Atlas, on average 27 people die every week in the UAE due to smoking! Does this statistic surprise you? Are these figures an added encouragement to quit? Or, for smokers out there, is it a matter of enjoyment and not wanting to quit?

  • The Agenda - Taking Kids Out of School Early 05.06.2017

    A father in the UK has been fined for taking his daughter out of school so she could attend his wedding - he did apply for permission and the school said no - she's 12! The question is, as a parent in the UAE, do you believe it’s okay to take your kids out of school to attend a family event or to go on holiday? Listeners joined the debate.

  • The Agenda- Paper Review 04.06.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.