Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Agenda Podcasts

  • The Agenda - Learning Other Languages 20.09.2017

    High school pupils at some state schools in the UAE will have the choice of studying Mandarin in this new school season. We're asking, how important is it to learn another language? Especially as an expat? Should it be a must? Is it more vital now than ever before in the competitive global world we live in?

  • The Agenda Live from the Sharjah FDI Forum 2017 - September 19 2017

    The Agenda broadcast live from the Sharjah FDI Forum 2017.

  • The Agenda- Traffic Woes 18.09.2017

    We've seen some great initiatives from the RTA recently to encourage safer, slower driving on the roads here including higher fines, colour coding on roads to indicate speed limit change and now even 'emojis' to warn drivers to slow down near schools. But will they/are they working? What more needs to be done? And would you move to specific areas to try and avoid traffic?

  • The Agenda- Paper Review 17.09.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.

  • The Agenda - Consumer Health Warnings 14.09.2017

    Under new UAE regulations, energy foods and drinks are to carry health warnings. The warning will carry a segment that specifies the sugar level in such products, all in a bid to minimize negative effects on consumers health. Do you think these types of warnings make a difference? Do they make you think twice about what you / your kids are consuming? Do you ever check labels or nutritional info? 

  • The Agenda - Smartphones: How Addicted Are You? 13.09.2017

    On a scale of 1-10 how addicted are you to your smartphone (10 being the worst)? How often do you check it daily? Has your smartphone addiction caused any issues in your relationship or had an impact on your parenting?

  • The Agenda - Artificial Intelligence 12.09.2017

    Artificial Intelligence. Is it useful, efficient and progressive or intrusive, bizarre and a threat to humanity?

  • The Agenda - School Fees 11.09.2017

    It's all about schools fees on The Agenda. How do you budget for this time of year? Is your school flexible when it comes to payment plans? Have your tuition fees increased this year - and have you had to move schools because it?

  • The Agenda - Paper Review 10.09.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.

  • The Agenda - Financially Literate Children 07.09.2017

    On The Agenda we talk about financial literacy for children. Some parents have complained recently that it's not as easy as one would think to get a "junior bank" set up for your children in the UAE. Banks make you jump through quite a few hoops including making sure there's a minimum of AED 5000 in your child's account, for example, before they'll allow your child to have a shiny plastic card on their own. Do you give your children pocket money here in the UAE? Do they save it in a jar or spend it immediately? Do they have their own bank account? Have you tried to set up a bank account for them here in the emirates?

  • The Agenda - School Buses in the UAE 06.09.2017

    On The Agenda we talk about school buses in the UAE. Why aren't more children using them? A recent report out by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has revealed that the occupancy rate of school buses in Dubai stands at only 53%. That means a little under half of all the yellow school buses we see on the road are empty. We ask why doesn’t your child go on the school bus? Is it a safety issue? Is it more convenient for you? Do you like having them around longer? The cost?

  • The Agenda - Cigarettes: Fire Safety's Worst Nightmare? 05.09.2017

    On The Agenda we discuss what can be done to stop blazes like the Torch Tower fire in Dubai Marina on August 4, 2017. The Dubai Civil Defence concluded last week that the blaze was started by a burning cigarette butt falling into a dry plant. Must the cigarette thrower be blamed and prosecuted? What kind of fire safety measures should we be taking in our homes and apartments? What needs to change? Does there need to be stricter smoking laws in general? 

  • The Agenda - Paper Review 04.09.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.

  • The Agenda - Voluntourism 30.08.2017

    Have you been on a volunteer holiday? What motivated you to take one? What was the experience like and would you do it again? We also discuss the sad news that shook the world 20 years ago over the death of Diana, the Princess of Wales. Where were you when it happened?

  • The Agenda - 2017 Employment Market 29.08.2017

    A new report says 7 in 10 UAE employers plan to hire within a year. Are you currently looking for a new job? Have you had to change industries? What do you think of the job market at the moment?