Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Agenda Podcasts

  • The Agenda - Driver's License Changes 20.04.2017

    Earlier this week the UAE Minister of Interior announced some changes to driving license renewals. Starting from July 1, new drivers, regardless of age, will only receive a two-year license, meanwhile expats who are used to a 10-year license validity will have to get used to renewing every 5 years. How do you feel about these new rules? Do you think they’ll lead to safer roads?

  • The Agenda - Working Hours 19.04.2017

    How strict is your company when it comes to working hours? Do you get paid for overtime? Listeners share their thoughts.

  • The Agenda - Kids & Content Control 18.04.2017

    Whose responsibility is it to control the content your child is exposed to online - social media platforms or parents? Is it becoming more and more difficult as a parent to continuously monitor appropriate content? Listeners share their thoughts.

  • The Agenda - Credit Scores 17.04.2017

    The Al Etihad Credit Bureau has created credit scores for individuals. The three number scores, between 300 and 900, will indicate to banks how likely a borrower is to default within the next 12 months. Data used for the credit score includes information from telecoms, banks and other financial institutions. But will this system help or hinder when it comes to bad debt?

  • The Agenda - Paper Review 16.04.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.

  • The Agenda - Paternity Leave 13.04.2017

    We often discuss the challenges working mums face in the UAE, the importance of flexi-hours and what can be done to support women in the workplace! But what about father’s in the UAE? Is three day’s paternity leave enough?

  • The Agenda - Bad Publicity 12.04.2017

    Is there such a thing as bad publicity? Do you think the recent issues with we’ve seen with United Airlines, Cadbury’s, Pepsi and so on, have benefited or damaged the brand?

  • The Agenda - Housing Rents 11.04.2017

    Only 10% of tenants across Dubai have seen a drop in their residential rental rates. That’s according to a new report by, which surveyed over 300 people across a range of neighborhoods in the emirate. With all these reports showing a softening market, shouldn’t tenants be benefiting more? The team discusses.

  • The Agenda - Gender Stereotypes, Women in the Workplace and Tipping 10.04.2017

    The Agenda team debate gender stereotypes, women in the workplace and tipping. 

  • The Agenda - Paper Review 09.04.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.

  • The Agenda - E-Commerce & Online Buying 06.04.2017

    We are talking about the changing face of retail on The Agenda today. Do you still shop in the mall? Or do you use shops as a showroom for purchases you then buy cheaper online? Join the conversation with Tom Urquhart.

  • The Agenda - Work-Wellness Balance 05.04.2017

    Are our desk jobs slowly killing us? How do you balance work and wellness? Listeners joined in the conversation. 

  • The Agenda - Anger Management 04.04.2017

    How do you deal with your anger? Listeners share their experience. 

  • The Agenda - Health Insurance 03.04.2017

    We're talking health insurance with the recent deadline of mandatory cover now in place.

  • The Agenda - Paper Review 02.04.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.