Friday, July 21, 2017

The Agenda Podcasts

  • The Agenda - Skills Gap & The Job Market 13.07.2017

    According to a new report by and YouGov, about 49% of survey respondents across the UAE believe there is a skills gap in the job market – with creative thinking, a global mindset, and visual thinking being the most difficult skills to find. Do you agree with the findings? What did you study, what career did you follow and what are you doing now? Listeners share their opinions.

  • The Agenda - Fire Safety 12.07.2017

    The number of fires in UAE have dropped by 41% from 2016! That’s according to the Civil Defence who said the number of deaths related to fire incidents decreased by 8% during the first six months of 2017 from the same period in 2016! The findings also showed that 61% of the 928 fires occurred in villas and residential apartments. Today we’re asking, have you become more concerned about fire safety? Are you insured and do we need stricter regulations?

  • The Agenda - Credit Card Fraud & Online Scam 11.07.2017

    According to a recent study, around one in 10 residents in the UAE have been a victim of online credit card fraud. With many of us looking to book flights or travel this summer season, are you worried about credit card fraud or online scams? 

  • The Agenda - Pre-Owned vs Brand New 10.07.2017

    Over 78% of residents would consider buying a secondhand car...are you one of them? The UAE is a big market for pre-loved cars, furniture and even clothing – especially with the transient nature of life here – so, today we’re asking, do you prefer to buy secondhand or do you always opt for brand new? And why?

  • The Agenda - Paper Review 09.07.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.

  • The Agenda - Relocation & Boomerangs 06.07.2017

    It’s that time of year – the summer season that sees many residents move homes, jobs, or even countries. We’ve all got those friends and colleagues who have left the UAE for various reasons, only to see them return a few years later. Today we want to hear your stories. What made you relocate? And what made you return? Listeners share their thoughts.

  • The Agenda - Children & The Real World 05.07.2017

    According to a new study by the Higher Education Policy Institute, students are 'unprepared for university'. It says that young people heading for university need much better preparation for what they can expect! We’re asking, how prepared do you think your child is for the big bad world? Besides their academic performance are they learning critical life skills or street smarts which will serve them in daily life?

  • The Agenda - Healthcare in the UAE 04.07.2017

    According to the DHA, Dubai has one of the highest numbers of doctors in the world plus, 12 new hospitals will open in Dubai by 2020! On the show we ask, are you happy with the healthcare in the UAE? Or do you prefer to travel elsewhere for treatment? We also talk about "Sick Building Syndrome" and we are joined on the phone by Farah Yassine, Senior Consultant at Sustainable Resource Management at WSP Consultancy. She explains how your workplace can make you sick.

  • The Agenda - UAE New Traffic Rules (Buckle Up) 03.07.2017

    New traffic laws have come into effect across the UAE! They include higher fines, stricter penalities, mandatory child seats for children below four and compulsory buckling up of all passengers! What do you think of these new rules? Will they be effective in detering reckless driving behavior on the roads of the UAE? Listeners share their thoughts.

  • The Agenda - Paper Review 02.07.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.

  • The Agenda - The Future of Air Travel / Popularity 29.06.2017

    Have changes in air travel in the UAE made flying more convenient for residents or more complicated? Are you excited about the prospect of passport-free travel in the future? 

  • The Agenda - Paper Review 28.06.2017

    The Agenda team discusses the headlines from the weekend papers.

  • The Agenda - Younger vs Older Parents 22.06.2017

    Today we’re debating the pros and cons of being a ‘younger’ parent vs an ‘older’ parent. Do you wish you had your children later or earlier in life? Do you think it’s made any difference to their character or education?

  • The Agenda - New Technologies & The Future 21.06.2017

    New technology, smart cities, AI, driverless and flying cars, space travel. Are you excited about the future or are you concerned?

  • The Property Market - What Are You Seeing 20.06.2017

    According to Dubai-based property brokers Allsopp & Allsopp, fewer Dubai landlords these days are insisting on a single rent cheque. Is this what you’re seeing? Is your landlord being flexible? Meanwhile, some experts believe property buyers have never had it better and it’s a good time to be a property investor in Dubai. Would you agree? Are you planning to buy?