The Flying Angel

The Flying Angel

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Many of us have noticed the ships that are anchored off the UAE’s coasts, however little do we know about the men whose jobs require them to spend months at a time at sea.

The Angel Appeal has been supporting seafarers off the UAE’s coasts for over 50 years and The Flying Angel vessel since 2007 has been offering support during daylight hours reaching around 75 seafarers per day out in the Fujairah Anchorage. It allows seafarers who spend months at sea to step off their ships and connect them with their loved ones back home as well as offering a welfare service. They can also make use of the on-board shop and free DVD or book library. 

Dubai Today’s Suzanne spent a day on board The Flying Angel and met with some of the seafarers and found out what life is like for them and some of the emotional challenges they face. Click below and hear how she got on and from Dr Paul Burt from Mission to Seafarers, Angel Appeal Fundraiser Theresa Dommett and cross cultural psychologist Samineh Shaheem.

The Angel Appeal is part of The Mission For Seafarers, a global support organisation.  To find out more, visit

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