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This week on The Hook Tim and Alex were joined by Nats from Dubai 92 and Saeed Saeed, Editor Arts and Life at the National. Saeed Saeed kicked off The Hook with a very special pick. The return of the iconic Scottish band Teenage Fanclub with their first album in 6 years, “Here” delivered the gem […]

A new WhichSchoolAdvisor.com study has found that some Dubai parents will spend as much as 1.3 million AED to educate their child from foundation years all the way into their final year of high school. If that sounds worrying, those coming to the UAE post 2020 Expo can expect to be paying closer to two million dirhams in […]

Visceral soul, smooth jams, the Beach Boys and even a little bit of JT. So much to love on this week’s The Hook on Drive Live. Sit back, get those headphones on and enjoy the playlist: Tim’s pick of the week, Thaddeus Anna Greene –  “In Vein”  On hearing that Brian Wilson would be coming […]

Tonight on Drive Live, it’s the shark attack that has got the whole world talking.

  1. Get my car back – after six weeks of being fixed – and to summit Big Red without having to engage four wheel drive. Early January, with a bit of luck…   2. Strap a GoPro to my helmet to document a mountain-biking adventure through the wadis of the Northern emirates – by […]

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