the animal house

Helen Farmer will be talking about investments being in the doghouse with Keren Bobker before moving on to the Animal House for more dog related issues!

Sally Mousa speaks to street artist El Seed before welcoming back Dr Lucinda Natrass and Todd Carson for The Animal House.

Suzanne is joined in studio with our Animal House experts to answer your pet questions and talk about their favourite fictional animals.

Today is all about pets! From 11am, hear a special interview with Global Head of Sustainability at the Royal Canin headquarters in the South of France. And from 12am it’s The Animal House and pet heroes.

The Animal House is designed to provide a no-holds barred forum for debate on all things animal related. Whether you are after the practical, the philosophical or the plain entertaining, you will get your fill every Monday from 12.00 – 1.00pm.

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