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The Agenda - Flexible Working 09.10.2017

81% of employees would be ‘just as efficient’ if they could choose their own hours – do you agree? Would you be just as productive? Do you work flexi-hours? What are the pros and cons? 


The Agenda - Stress 04.10.17

According to a study made by London-based company Zipjet, Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been ranked amongst the world’s least stressful cities! Would you agree with this? Or would you say that your stress levels are higher than ever before?...



15 September 2014

Join multi-talented broadcaster Tom Urquhart every weekday morning on The Agenda for a fast paced, news driven show, focusing on the issues being talked about here in the UAE. Whether it’s traffic, education, new developments, cost of living or technological advances, if it’s an issue impacting lives then we will be covering it, with insight, […]

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