Sally Mousa speaks to journalist and author Charles Siebert about his fascinating interactions with animals followed by the dogs helping children to read in Animal House.

Yvette Judge joined The Ticket Team for Radio Book Club today. You’ll be happy to hear that both Mark & Stef managed to squeeze their Word For The Week into the show.

Suzanne Radford is broadcasting live from the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature #EAFOL16! Today, she is joined by Lisa Faulkner and John Torode.

You had me at Dom Joly!

The 7th Annual Emirates Airline Festival of Literature took place earlier in the year and here you can listen to the authors, historians, broadcasters and thinkers who come from all over the world to speak at the Litfest. Conversations from the Litfest reflects the variety of great minds who unite in Dubai during the Festival […]

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