Suzanne Radford is joined by Cross Cultural Psychologist Dr Samineh Shaheen who looks at the psychological con artists vs calm artists. Who are the people most susceptible to being conned? What type of person is capable of cheating of tricking others?  Suzanne Radford is joined by Dr. Thoraiya Kanafani, Clinical Psychologist from the Human Relations Institute […]

The Agenda - Crying Children in Public & Vaping 15.02.2018

In the UK a woman was asked to read more

In the UK a woman was asked to leave a café because her baby was crying. The owners of the café said that they simply asked her to take the baby outside until they calmed down. Would we tell a parent to remove their child if it was disturbing us? Where do you draw the line? If they’re crying? If they are annoying you? If they are shouting and screaming, breaking things – vandalism? On the vaping front it’s really a case of are you for or against it. It isn’t really limited to smoking in public places. A difficult one to pull together with research showing it’s good for you while other studies show the opposite. All down to opinion. Do you think e-cigarettes should be allowed in indoor public spaces?What’s the point of vaping? I know to stop people smoking cigarettes but the smell is horrible and worse than sheesha.  


The Agenda - World Government Summit 14.02.2018

We talk about advances in genetics that will read more

We talk about advances in genetics that will allow us to change things about ourselves whether physical, mental or perhaps even emotional. Are we all really happy with ourselves? Our appearance, the way we act on a personal level? What would you change about yourself to make you a little happier? We also welcome callers who want to declare their love for their husbands and wives on Valentine’s Day.


The Agenda - Trust In Relationships 13.02.2018

A study showing over 36% of spouses spy read more

A study showing over 36% of spouses spy on their partners online is a bit alarming, but not as much as people using tracking devices on their husbands’ and wives’ mobile phones to follow their daily actions. Are your concerned about what your partner gets up to? Are you spying or are you being spied on?


The Agenda - Gender Equality 07.02.2018

The decision by Formula 1 Grand Prix racing read more

The decision by Formula 1 Grand Prix racing to withdraw the grid girls, a traditional cornerstone of the sport, has provoked a mixed response. For many, it’s a sign of the times and another nail in the coffin of sexist attitudes from an age of machismo. While others wonder what the issue was anyway. Are we losing sight of what the end goal of gender equality is? It seems an easy outcome. Things are equal or they are not, but when it comes to the battle of the sexes and the complexities involved nothing is clear-cut. Grid girls: are they harmless fun or sexist shackles.


The Travel Show investigates cultural days out in the UK, that promise fun for the whole family! Here on The Travel Show, we love to experience cultural and historical elements of a new country, and really feel like we’re getting to know its history. And if a historical attraction offers a gorgeous day out with […]

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