Suzanne Radford is joined by Cross Cultural Psychologist Dr Samineh Shaheen who looks at the psychological con artists vs calm artists. Who are the people most susceptible to being conned? What type of person is capable of cheating of tricking others?  Suzanne Radford is joined by Dr. Thoraiya Kanafani, Clinical Psychologist from the Human Relations Institute […]

The Agenda - Digital Content 06.12.2017

We ask whether you are watching too much digital content? At times we can feel overwhelmed by the daily bombardment of videos, selfies and social media. And yet our insatiable appetite is growing. 


The Agenda - Brand Loyalty and Data Breaches...

Today we talk about brand loyalty and data breaches - if your favourite company leaked your personal details would you ditch them for a competitor or wouldn't you care? What would a brand have to do to lose your business?


The Agenda - Sales 27.11.2017

Today we are talking sales as it was Black Friday last weekend and is Cyber Monday today! This has become big business around the world with people going to all lengths for a good deal. But is this changing and...


The Travel Show investigates cultural days out in the UK, that promise fun for the whole family! Here on The Travel Show, we love to experience cultural and historical elements of a new country, and really feel like we’re getting to know its history. And if a historical attraction offers a gorgeous day out with […]

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