We have books for all sorts of travel for you – whether it may be into the bath tub, to the kitchen, taking the metro home, or flying somewhere.

Every week Yvette Judge from the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature joins us in studio with book suggestions to help us travel – wherever that might be.

Every week Yvette Judge from the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature joins us to help us travel either onto a plane, to the kitchen or into the bathtub.

Radio Book Club this week is tugging on your heart strings a little but helping you travel whether it is on a plane, train, or even into a bath tub.

Political leaders, philanthropists, environmentalists and innovators descended on Dubai last week for the World Government Summit. Actors, authors and musicians too joined the mix among the champions of change.  From Robert De Niro talking about the impact of rising sea levels to Forrest Whitaker discussing his work with disadvantaged youth; the forum tackled big issues with big names. Brandy and Richard were […]

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