Sally Mousa speaks to our regular holistic expert Keith Littlewood about your pain, movement, energy and digestion issues.

Suzanne Radford welcomes back Keith Littlewood for an Eye on Health clinic to answer your questions about pain, movement, energy and digestion issues.

Suzanne and Keith Littlewood discuss too much of a good thing, pollution and pain, and take your questions.

Keith Littlewood joins Suzanne Radford from 11am to discuss different kinds of pain from the acute to the psychogenic and how to manage it. Keith is also here to take your questions on mobility, sluggish digestion and injury.

Are you in pain? Do you have a recurring injury that is causing you pain or issues with mobility and also digestion and feeling sluggish or lethargic? These are all areas our guest Keith Littlewood can help you with this morning.

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