Jason Lumber

It is with great sadness that the Arabian Radio Network and Dubai Eye 103.8 announce the passing of our great friend and colleague Jason Lumber. Tributes are flowing in from across the UAE and the world for Jason, a veteran broadcaster who graced Dubai’s airwaves for over 20 years. Fondly known as Mr. Voice, Jason […]

The UAE has been crying out for a weekend fix of entertainment, and who better to get it from than Dubai Eye’s very own Jason Lumber. Frequently dubbed Dubai’s answer to all things entertainment, Jason Lumber is a name synonymous with film and festivals; with a keen finger on the pulse of popular culture. A […]

International Design Exhibition is a great platform for the interior design and architecture community here in the UAE. Jason and Zahra went down to the Dubai World Trade Centre to pick up some design tips.

Zahra Soar, the presenter of The Word, plays this sticky, disgusting prank on her colleague Jason Lumber who couldn´t believe what happened to his beloved stapler (one of many he hoards inside his desk!).

  1. Get a bicycle. I think I owe it myself what with all the good exercise.   2. See as many films as I can next year, with titles too numerous to mention!   3. Get a good set of stereo speakers. I love my music, good and loud!

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