Radio Book Club this week is tugging on your heart strings a little but helping you travel whether it is on a plane, train, or even into a bath tub.

Every week Yvette Judge from the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature gives us the best books and podcast to help us travel either on the plane, or back home from work, or into the kitchen for dinner.

Whether it be travelling on the metro, back of a taxi, or into the bath, The Ticket has the right book for you.

Books for all kinds of travel whether it be on the plane, on the metro, to the bath tub, and even on a bicycle!

We’ve got your books for this week whether it’s traveling in the metro, the taxi, the plane, or to the bathtub with Yvette Judge from the Emirates Literature Foundation Book for the plane: Origin by Dan Brown  Get it here Book for the train: 5 second rule by Mel Robbins Get it here Children’s book: […]

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