Ben Jacobs

Chris McHardy Chris has been a desert dweller for over six years and previously headed up the digital platforms of both Sport360 and Yahoo’s Middle East sports offering during that period. He was also the first journalist in the region to secure an exclusive, one-on-one interview with Argentine legend Diego Maradona after his then appointment […]

  1. Tiger Woods   2015 could make or break the 14-time major winner. If he can’t stay injury free there will be calls for Tiger to retire. He has 12 more months to live off his legend, but if wins don’t come consistently Woods will be in danger of losing his aura. A long-awaited […]

Ben Jacobs travels to Sydney, Melbourne and Cambara to see how Australia is preparing for the 2015 Asian Cup, which the UAE has qualified for. He’ll also talk to the Aussie football team ahead of Brazil 2014 and visit the MCG and Formula One track.

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