Stef in Switzerland #TheTicket

Stef from The Ticket is exploring Switzerland by train, boat, bus, on skis and even by sledge. She’s looking for the best winter experiences on offer in the country but also in the city. In Lucerne she will be staying at Winston Churchills’s favourite 5 star hotel and finding out just how cool it is to stay in an igloo overnight. Check out her daily video diaries to decide if a trip to Switzerland in winter is one for you.

Day 1: How to get from Zurich into the mountains. The one where Stef shows you around Davos, Klosters and Monbiel. 

Day 2: Following in royal footsteps. The one where Stef goes skiing for the first time in 2 decades. Wearing the same ski wear she did then. 

Day 3: The Swiss invented one of the scariest ways to get down a mountain covered in snow. The one where Stef goes sledging. 

Day 4. Fall in love with Lucerne. The one where Stef shows you where and why to buy Christmas decorations in December, how to find the best cheese and where to eat lunch with an ever changing view. 

Day 5: Mt. Titlis via Engelbert. The one where Stef tried everything possibly available at the top of the mountain all in one day.

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