Suzanne Radford Visits Ireland’s Sustainable Food Programme With Bord Bia #DubaiToday

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Suzanne Radford headed over to Ireland with Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, to take a look at their Origin Green programme that aims to build a sustainable future for Irelands agriculture. 

There is a huge relationship between Ireland and the UAE when it comes to trade. The UAE imports almost €26M in Irish dairy, as well as €22M prepared foods, €1.5M in Irish poultry and €1.3M in Irish seafood. 

In 2011 Bord Bia, in conjunction with the Irish food and drink industry, launched Origin Green, a bold promise to the world: that Ireland would be a leading source of sustainably produced food and drink, independently verified at every link in the supply chain. Origin Green is the only sustainability programme in the world that operates on a national scale, uniting government, the private sector and food producers.

First up on Suzanne’s visit is The Thinking House, Bord Bia’s consumer and market insight centre. Here they source information available about the food, drink and horticulture industry, do market research to learn what consumers want and help support for Irish producers to develop the best products. They have researched into 21 markets, surveying 28,000 respondents around the world providing the latest global trends, consumer insights and industry innovations in one state-of-the-art consumer research and market insight centre in Dublin.

Suzanne then visits the Ornua (The Irish Dairy Board) head office and spoke to representatives from Kerrygold. Kerrygold was first launched in 1961 and is Ireland’s largest exporter of Dairy products.

To try Kerrygold’s Irish scone recipe visit our recipe page here

Suzanne then heads out to the countryside we stop at a supermarket to get an idea of some of the Irish products, the packaging and displays and what Ireland is known for: meat, dairy and potatoes!


Then on to the potato fields of Keoghs, an Irish, family run farm that has been running for over 200 years in North County Dublin. Keoghs is the only company who market potatoes and crisps under one brand. Suzanne talks to Tom Keogh who explains potato growing and the different varieties.

From the field to the store house and factory to learn more about potatoes and the crisp making process.

Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme have worked with Keoghs on sustainability and telling the Keogh story. You can get Keoghs in Spinneys and if you look at on the back of your packet of Keoghs crisps you can trace the potatoes to the field they came from. Check out their online “spud nav” which will give you more information about your field. 

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Next on the itinerary Suzanne takes a look around The Nest Box Egg Company and talks to Stuart Whitton.

A new line supported by Origin Green in the packaging and marketing of the hard boiled egg ideal for the school run or lunch on the go.

We love the birds. And they get to spend their days out in the green pasture eating clover and delicious herbs and grass.

More green pastures as Suzanne visits Lakeview Farm where Jane Shackleton produces organic beef from her 30 Aberdeen Angus stock. She has sheep as well preserving old style practices and supporting sustainable living.

Part of Suzanne’s sustainable trip to Ireland included a trip to the Butler’s Chocolate Factory in Dublin.

She went on a special tour around the chocolate making facility and learnt about which flavours were the most popular and how some have been specially created for the Middle East market.


Another place Suzanne got to visit in Ireland was the yogurt creators Glenisk. They are leading the way in sustainability and are available in supermarkets right here in the UAE.

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