Smart Luggage, Pens That Record Voice, And Cameras That Rewind Moments On #GettingTechy #TheTicket

Shams from Dell joins us every couple of weeks to talk tech on The Ticket and he reveals he’s still one of those people who likes taking notes with a pen and paper. This week it’s all about travel tech gifts for the holidays; whether you are travelling, or you need suggestions for other road-warriors.

Smart Luggage – Bluesmart

This luggage has GPS, tell you how much your bag weighs, digital finger print locks, and charge your gadgets. 

Cost: AED 1450


Livescribe 3 Smart pen

With this you can write and draw, immediately capture your notes, convert written notes to digital text, record audio.

Cost: AED 660



Ricoh S Theta

360 photos/videos, Hi-Res videos and you can livestream with this.

Cost: AED 1300


This is an HD video camera that is always recording, however it’s only holding a few seconds or minutes, waiting for those special moments when you have spotted something worthy of saving.  If nothing happens and you haven’t pressed the special recall button, then no video is permanently saved, and the camera memory is free for the next time you use it.

C0st: AED 658

Smartphone Lenses – Olloclip’s 4-in-1

Here’s a little help to improve your smartphone photography. 

Cost: AED 290

Listen to Shams discuss these gadgets on The Ticket:

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