Radio Book Club – The Mither Week #TheTicket

Yvette Judge joined The Ticket Team for Radio Book Club today. You’ll be happy to hear that both Mark & Stef managed to squeeze their Word For The Week, mither, into the show. Stef pipped Mark to the post with the usage though, in Yvette’s very professional book opinion. Remember, the loser by Christmas has to fork out on a present for the other. The stakes are high!
This week the team will be squeezing in the lovely word ‘claggy’ somewhere. Listen out for it!
We had some fantastic books for you on the show this afternoon. If only there were more reading time in a day!
Yvette’s suggestion for next time you fly. So you have enough time to linger on the pages with pictures. Her words, not ours. 
Your taxi read. This will make you feel better about walking back into your messy desk at work tomorrow. 
If the furthest you’re travelling is in to the kitchen tonight, you may appreciate this. Vegetarians may also be interested in the roast potato recipe!
This week, we think we may have found, quite possibly, the best bath time read of all. 
A travel book that is, for once, not intended to inspire you to follow in it’s footsteps. 
Our podcast this week is the kind of thing you should listen to if you ever want to be a radio presenter. You’ll gain a little bit of knowledge, about a lot, rather quickly. 
Books are a great way to keep the kids occupied once you reach a destination. Especially if that destination is a beach with expensive water sports. 
More great books from Yvette on The Ticket, from 3pm, next Monday. Ooh, and by then we will know which authors will be packing a case and heading to Dubai for the 2017 Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. It’ll be here before you know it!

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