Are You Protecting Your Child’s Eyes? #DubaiToday

You child should be having eye checks as early as four years old. 

Moorfield’s Eye Hospital joined the Dubai Today team this week and here are their top tips for parents when it comes to protecting their children’s eyes:

  1. Get regular childhood vision screenings –Children’s eyes change rapidly. Regular vision screenings are an important step in detecting and correcting eye problems early on.
  2. Know and share your family eye health history – It is important to find out whether eye conditions or diseases run in the family. Parents should share this information with the person performing the screening when possible.
  3. Watch for signs of eye problems – Parents should be alert to symptoms that could indicate an eye or vision problem. Complaints of eyestrain, headaches and squinting when reading or performing other common activities may indicate a vision problem. Other signs to look out for include a white or greyish-white coloring in the pupil, one eye that turns in or out, or eyes that do not track together
  4. Protect your children’s eyes- Keeping your children’s eyes safe is another part of maintaining healthy vision. Eye injuries are the leading cause of vision loss in children. Purchase age-appropriate toys for your children and avoid toys with sharp or protruding parts. Wearing a cap or sunglasses can protect their eyes when out in the sunshine.

The medical team discussed dry eye, VDUs and much more with Suzanne Radford:



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