Taking Time Off Work for Sick Children: Louise Karim, Mums at Work

13 June 2018: Whose responsibility is it to stay home and take when both parents work full time out of the home? Does it always fall to one of them, or should it be a case of sharing the sick leave?

A British model said that women who take time off work for sick children are using it as an excuse to get out of doing their jobs. Kelly Brook has upset a lot of fans and while she has no children of her own but she said she observed this behaviour among her close work friends.

Fans suggested she had “no idea” of the demands of being a working parent.

A report in the UK last year said that two in five young parents who ask for flexible work arrangements are being “penalised” with fewer hours, worse shifts and even losing their job.

We spoke to Louise Karim, Managing Director at Mums at Work.

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