Freelancing in the UAE: Reim El Houni, Ti22 Films and Dubai On-Demand

10 July 2018: Will the additional costs for becoming a social media entity or going freelance deter people in the UAE from choosing that option?

A recent Upwork study found that about 47 percent of millennials, compared to 36 percent of the total U.S. workforce, already engage in freelance work, and more than half of all U.S. workers are expected to freelance by 2027.

Earlier this year, the UAE’s National Media Council announced that social media influencers who make money from promoting brands and businesses online will need two licenses to operate – a trade license and e-media permit.

UAE residents can now apply for a freelance permit in the country. There are several packages offered by authorities and free zones across the emirates. There are now 58 free zones in the Emirates, with a number issuing freelance permits. Most of these permits last one year and include a freelancer’s permit, access to a workstation and even provides candidates assistance with a visa but for an additional charge.

We speak to Reim El Houni, CEO And Co-Founder of Ti22 Films and Dubai On-Demand, an influencer incubator and agency.

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