Emergency Response: The UAE Ranked 2nd in the World When It Comes to Emergency Response Times

16 May 2018: According to the Gallup Report on Global Law and Order 2017, the UAE scored around 97 per cent among developed countries, ahead of Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Spain, in safety and security aspects. The survey also took into account how safe residents felt while moving around alone at night.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said that it achieved its national agenda indicators, including controlling the crime rate and road accidents per 100,000 population, civil defence indicators for fires and deaths, emergency response rates, police services, and safety and security.

This means the Emirates is on track to become the safest country in the world. Therefore, we asked, what’s your experience of the emergency responders in this country?

We speak to Jay, who’s husband called ambulance because she had chest pain.

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