Dealing with the Summer Heat: Dr. Kate Jordan, Valiant Clinic Dubai

12 July 2018: You can catch a cold from air conditioning. This particularly popular myth has been going around for ages but yes it is a myth. While the air conditioning will not make you catch a cold, extreme changes in temperature can weaken your immune system and if those around you have a cold, you could be more susceptible.

So while cold air alone won’t make you sick, jumping from the sweltering heat to the icy cool freshness of your air conditioned home, can make you more susceptible to catching a virus.

Meanwhile, Katie Price has taken her love of Botox to a whole new level apparently.

The TV star is now having it injected into her ARMPITS in a bid to stop sweating, it’s been reported, and pays between £100 and £500 for a session.

We speak to Dr. Kate Jordan from Valiant Clinic Dubai. She  is a UK trained Consultant in Family Medicine with a special focus on Sports Medicine.

She has worked with international teams including with Team GB as one of the team Doctors at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, with British Swimming throughout 2017-18, and continues to work with World Rugby.

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