Friday, August 18, 2017

Dubai Today – On the Couch

  • On The Couch - The Lies We Tell 09.08.2017

    Liars, lying and lies! Thoraiya Kanafani from Human Relations Institute and Clinics joins Suzanne Radford for a long discussion on why humans lie, different types of lies and what the consequences are.

  • On The Couch - Grit, Perseverance & Mindset 02.08.2017

    Suzanne Radford discusses growing grit in children, the importance of determination, perseverance and mindset in child development and education with Adam Griffin, Head of Occupational Therapy at Autism Rocks Support Center in Dubai Healthcare City and Ross Addison, Child and Adolescent Psychologist at The Lighthouse Arabia.

  • On The Couch - Dealing with Loneliness 26.07.2017

    Joining Suzanne Radford in the studio is Sabine Skaf, Clinical Psychologist at the Human Relations Institute and Clinics (HRIC), to talk about the difference between being alone and feeling lonely, and how to build connection.

  • On The Couch - Millennials 19.07.2017

    It’s time for our weekly foray into the world of psychology with On the Couch with Suzanne Radford and Dr Thoraiya Kanafani, Clinical Psychologist at the Human Relations Institute and Clinics. Today’s Generation Y, aka Millennials, have high aspirations in line with dismal career prospects – as a generation they are growing up and living with higher rates of depression, and they may suffer more from stress. While they are under-employed, they remain optimistic.

  • On The Couch - Infidelity 12.07.2017

    We revisit the show where Suzanne and Dr. Raymond discuss infidelity. New research has uncovered the different ways in which men and women perceive infidelity. What is deemed a betrayal to one, may not be so to another. So how do you define infidelity and what would you be prepared to forgive?

  • Press Like - Online Safety 04.07.2017

    It’s Press Like, On the Couch with Suzanne Radford joined in the studio by Teresa Hughes, a specialist in online safety and child protection working with many schools and communities in the UK and overseas. She is currently an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Kent Centre for Child Protection, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research.

    Looking at how to protect children entering the online world, looking at both protecting them from content and teaching them how to behave online. We are also joined in the studio by Cross Cultural Psychologist Dr Samineh Shaheem, passionate about her work against cyber bullying, Bolt Down on Bullying.

  • On The Couch - Care Giving 28.06.2017

    Many older people who struggle with basic household tasks, or people with health impairments who need help with day to day activities, are often helped by their families, who work as caregivers or carers. The caregivers are usually unpaid to help, and manage this care in between working, and managing their own family life. Suzanne Radford is joined in the studio by Dr Raymond Hamden, and on the show today, they take a look at life as a caregiver, the importance of not taking carers for granted and making sure they have the right support themselves.

  • On The Couch - Friendship 21.06.2017

    In a study recently published by the US National Institute of Health, scientists have revealed the age at which men and women start to lose their friends – and it’s a lot earlier than you may think. Looking at how we quantify the number of friends we have, why friendship is fundamental to happiness, and ways to keep long distance friendships alive.

  • On The Couch - Men's Mental Health 14.06.2017

    Marking International Men’s Health Week on the show today, the week is aimed to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and to encourage early detection and treatment, and prevention, of diseases and illnesses affecting males. Focusing on men’s mental health and the importance of dialogue when it comes to recognising the signs of depression or anxiety, and how to support the men in our lives who may need to talk and need some support and care.

  • On The Couch - Coincidences in Life 07.06.2017

    Suzanne Radford is joined in the studio by Dr Thoraiya Kanafani, Clinical Psychologist based at the Human Relations Institute & Clinics, and they look at sharing the stories of coincidences, such as bumping into one of your friends in a remote location, or meeting new people across the other side of world who happen to be best friends with your Auntie Betty many miles away. They are talking about what we perceive to be coincidences in life, and the so called meaningful incidences versus the reality of the mathematical probabilities that is life. 

  • On The Couch - The Things That We Stop Doing & Why 31.05.2017

    It’s On the Couch with Suzanne Radford, who is joined in the studio by Dr Thoraiya Kanafani, Clinical Psychologist based at Human Relations Institute and Clinics.

    Exploring psychology and the human brain – why do we stop feeling, and doing, the things that we once enjoyed doing? Stop being in love, or fall out of friendship with our once, so called best buddy?

    Looking at all of the things we stop doing such as exercising, eating well, talking to friends, doing the activities we love, even listening... Could this shift reflect a change in your mental health? People suffering from clinical depression lose interest in hobbies, friends, work and even food. This is because the regions of your brain that control what are known as pleasure or reward pathways in your brain, are reduced, meaning that you can only enjoy things for a certain amount of time.

  • On The Couch - Confidence [R] 24.05.2017

    Suzanne Radford is joined by Dr Raymond Hamden, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist from the Human Relations Institute and Clinics. Suzanne and Dr Raymond are talking confidence – what does it mean and where does it comes from? How can you help yourself become more confident? You may be confident in one area of your life, but need help in another – are you confident at work but lack confidence socially? And how can you improve your child’s confidence? 

  • On The Couch - Projects of Love 17.05.2017

    Suzanne Radford is joined in the studio by Dr Thoraiya Kanafani, Clinical Psychologist from The Human Relations Institute and Clinics, and today they look at relationships that some people maybe see as non-conventional, challenging and not accepted by the community, family or friends. Exploring the so-called taboos with relationships, a big age difference, someone wealthy marrying someone less wealthy, from a different culture, religion or country. Looking at the decisions you need to make when it comes to relationships, love and living your life to the full.

  • What Doesn't Break You Makes You Stronger 10.05.2017

    What doesn’t break you makes you stronger...It's On the Couch with Suzanne Radford and Dr. Thoraiya Kanafani, Clinical Psychologist based at Human Relations Institute and Clinics. Today we explore some of the practices, therapies and tools that people have used to change their lives.

  • On The Couch - Exam Stress 10.05.2017

    It’s time for those end of year exams for students here in the UAE, and we're here on hand to offer advice for you and your children about how to cope with exam stress.