Monday, April 24, 2017

Dubai Today – Kaleidoscope

  • Kaleidoscope - Classics 16.04.2017

    Kaleidoscope looks at classical movies, music, design, fashion and what makes something classic. We are joined in the studio by Dylan Dolan, business coach and trainer at Forward Thinking.

  • Kaleidoscope - Comebacks 09.04.2017

    Looking at the greatest comebacks of all time, from the world of sport, fashion, film and music!

  • Kaleidoscope - Autism & The Arts 02.04.2017

    Emma Brain is sitting in for Suzanne Radford who is on a raw food journey in Bali with Super Natural. On the show today we are celebrating people on the autism spectrum across the world of arts, film, literature and life.

  • Kaleidoscope - Night & Day 19.03.2017

    It’s Kaleidoscope on Dubai Today with Suzanne Radford discussing the moon on the show today, exploring night and day as tomorrow marks the March Equinox. How have the elements inspired and guided us through the world of culture, music, literature and of course from a scientific angle?

  • Kaleidoscope - Pierre Ravan 19.03.2017

    Suzanne Radford is joined by DJ Pierre Ravan, who is one of the most renowned ‘Heartfulness Meditation’ trainers worldwide. He is here to talk about his Sunrise Sessions which are taking place between the 12th and 19th April.

  • Dubai Today Live from the Emirates Litfest 05.03.2017

    Claire Sharrock is sitting in for Suzanne Radford, live from the 2017 Emirates Litfest. We have a busy show today with guests from the publishing industry. We have Jason Bartholomew who has worked for over fifteen years in the book publishing industry in both New York and London and currently works at Hachette UK. He is Director of Quercus US in New York, and in London the Rights Director of Hodder & Stoughton, Headline, Quercus, and John Murray Press. Emma Shercliff is Director of Cassava Republic Press in the UK; and Jonathan Lloyd, Chairman of Curtis Brown.

  • Dubai Today Live at Ibn Batuta for Dubai Food Festival 26.02.2017

    Suzanne Radford is joined by a fantastic food panel for a special LIVE broadcast from Ibn Battuta Mall as part of the Dubai Food Festival.

  • Kaleidoscope - Science 12.02.2017

    We are exploring the world of science, sharing information, the evolving world of science and the changes and fluidity within the world of science. Exploring the misunderstandings surrounding science, questioning accepted notions and the pursuit of truth and the perception of the mad scientist.

  • Kaleidoscope - How To City-Proof Your Life 05.02.2017

    Suzanne and Dr Samineh Shaheem talk about ways to city-proof your life. Living in the city comes with challenges and stresses that make an impact on our physical and mental health. They are exploring how we navigate our lives in a stressful, busy city.

  • Kaleidoscope - What Can't You Live Without 29.01.2017

    Suzanne Radford is joined in the studio by business coach and trainer Dylan Dolan from Forward Thinking Consulting, who are discussing what you would hate to live without. Is there something that you think you can’t live without, but in fact you could?

  • Ergonomics in the Workplace 29.01.2017

    Suzanne Radford is joined on the show by Jenny Zhao, Associate Ergonomist from Humanscale, discussing ergonomics and the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment, wellness in the office and productivity – could you give up your office chair and stand at your desk instead?

  • Kaleidoscope - Legacy 15.01.2017

    Suzanne Radford, who is joined by Stuee Kennedy for today’s show, looks at the legacies left behind by the icons we sadly lost last year. Looking at the many artists, leaders, sporting personalities and musical icons who left their mark. Celebrating, sharing stories, memories and of course some music.

  • Kaledoscope - Art - Sara Powell 08.01.2017

    Sally Mousa is sitting in for Suzanne Radford and looking at art and how it can be good for us. We talk art in today’s fast paced world, from street art across culture, to galleries, a great movie or a fine art painting. We are joined in the studio by Sara Powell from Atic Art Therapy discussing the importance of art from an art therapy perspective, as an expressive outlet and how we can manage stress using art.

  • Kaledoscope - Art - Shona Sculpture 08.01.2017

    We have Demitris Petrides talking about Shona Sculpture, an exhibition taking place at the Showcase Gallery from the 16th January at

  • Kaleidoscope - Failure 18.12.2016

    Ray Addison is sitting in for Suzanne Radford and for this morning’s Kaleidoscope we look at failure – what good comes from failure? Faiz Saddiqui is suing Oxford University for a substantial amount of money for the amount of lost earnings since graduating because he didn’t achieve the grade he expected. Is this fair?