Parenting Today on #DubaiToday with Helen Farmer

It is Parenting Today on #DubaiToday with Helen Farmer and we’re talking families, children, parenting and it’s all about the chat and even some friendly advice along the way. 

Talking all of the latest headlines from the world of parenting and also touching on the sensitive topic of Spoilt Brats From the spoilt brat behaviour to the needs versus the wants …. we’re covering it from all angles… how to avoid them, spot them and undo any damage you may have already done. 

Helen is joined in studio by Christine Kritzas, Counselling Psychologist based at The Lighthouse Arabia, Dad of five and our very own Honey Man Riath Hamed and Mummy Blogger of  Seashells on the Palm  and Mother of 4, Edwina Viel. 

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