Now, That’s Entertainment!

The UAE has been crying out for a weekend fix of entertainment, and who better to get it from than Dubai Eye’s very own Jason Lumber.

Frequently dubbed Dubai’s answer to all things entertainment, Jason Lumber is a name synonymous with film and festivals; with a keen finger on the pulse of popular culture.

A seasoned presenter, Jason has been in front of a microphone for many years, keeping the UK and UAE’s airways alive with his quick wit and ability to stay abreast of what is happening in this happening town. When it comes to who’s who in the world of interviews, Jason Lumber boasts a line-up that is bigger than the Burj Khalifa, with a star studded CV of A-list credentials.

But it isn’t just the glitterati that catch his eye. One of Dubai Eye’s veteran broadcasters, “Mr. Voice” has an enviable ability to talk, and is a keen conversationalist on just about any topic. Over the years he’s interviewed across a diverse database, from dignitaries to divas, drivers and donught makers, both in-studio and on location.

When he’s not on the red carpet, or speaking to those who tread it, you’ll find Jason watching them on the big screen. He is also a big TV fan, a keen reader and a man who prides himself on not taking life too seriously.

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What to expect from the new show

Every Friday from 15.00 until 17.00 you can enjoy a wide array of entertaining features, designed to perfectly complement your weekend in the UAE.

Jason will be chatting to anyone entertaining enough to warrant a perch on his studio podium, with faces old and new in situ, to talk all things celebrity and celebratory.

Look forward to laughing out loud with sparking comedic conversations, get all the latest showbiz news from Bollywood to Hollywood and get ready for all new, strange but true anecdotes.

With his love of all things on the big and small screen, no show of Jason’s would be complete without a dedicated look at the movies, both contemporary and classic, as well as a look ahead to those insider tips on TV highlights.

Satiate your musical cravings with top tunes from the Wurlitzer juke box, stimulate the grey cells with brainbox quiz trivia, and then listen to it all again on the dedicated podcast.


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