Friday, August 18, 2017

Nightline Podcasts

  • The Callin with Dr. James Kelley August 16, 2017

    Dr. James Kelley joins me to talk customer service the good, bad and ugly.

  • The ME Indie Jukebox August 16, 2017

    Adam shares some great indie tunes from the Middle East. The Bunny Tylers_Été 91 Jay Wud_Shine Your Light.mp3 Hello Psychaleppo_Beirut.mp3 Hayajan - Ween El-Kalam.mp3 El-Morabba3-Abaad-Shwaii-2-Shaun-Warner-Remix Cairokee - Dinosaur.mp3 Abri & The Dreamfleet_Unborn.mp3

  • The CarClinic with Glenn Power August 15, 2017

    We fix your car on the radio, straight repair talk.

  • Techtalk with Nexa August 15, 2017

    Andrew Thomas and James talk about the cool tech out there and catch up after a summer of tech hunting.

  • Cartalk with Motoring Middle East August, 14, 2017

    The guys are in fine form as we talk about some cool cars and catch up after a summer break!

  • In Conversation June 21, 2017

    Alex Blake-Milton a Partner at Brunswick Group and Lorne Riley Director, Corporate Communications at Dubai Airports, also known as Monks on the Moon, join me to talk about their careers and music.

  • The ME Indie Jukebox

    Adam joins the show and we play the tunes that are making up our Summer MixTape 2017 from Nightline. The playlist. Etyen feat. Tala - Homosapiens 3:36 Muhaisnah Four ft Veblen Good_SUMMER 4:18 Shaun Warner & Maysa Daw- We are One 3:44 Gurumiran - 'Hingala' copy 4:11 We Speak In Colors_Nobody's No One 3:24 Yasmine Hamdan_Douss 3:58 Empty Yard Experiment - The Passage 6:05 Coffee & Cigarettes_AlcoB 3 :12

  • CarClinic with June 20, 2017

    Glenn is fixing your car on the radio.

  • TechTalk with NEXA June 20, 2017

    Andrew is in the studio and we talk tech with a review of the Huawei Watch2.

  • CarTalk with June 19, 2017

    The men are in the studio and it is an hour of conversation about cars, what is hot and what is deadly hot!

  • GetFitRadio with Innerfight June 19, 2017

    Marcus Smith is in the house and we are talking fitness and how YOU can reach your goals.

  • TechTalk June 13, 2017

    Andrew Thomas is in the house from NEXA and we are talking tech including a phone I LOVE the Sony Experia XZ Premium 2699 a must buy!

  • In Conversation with Esher Eden and Mom June 14, 2017

    Esther Eden and the Mom/manager Amber join me in studio to talk about creativity and keeping it real.

  • The ME Indie Jukebox June 14, 2017

    Adam is in the studio and we are listening and talking to great tracks with a cup of RAW in hand. The playlist. Aya Metwalli_Lugere 5:08 Ahmed Aly_Be the light 3:19 Ghazall - Al Khareef 4`:59 Mais Harb - Shibbak Elbeki 3:50 PJ Harvey and Ramy Essam_The Camp 4:34 Rassef L'bkariya - Sakhra 2:44 Interbellum_Marble Jaws 5:34

  • The CarClinic with

    Glenn is in the studio and we are fixing your car.