Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nightline Podcasts

  • The CarClinic with CarPro April 19, 2017

    Glenn Power from is in the studio fixing your cars!

  • DocTalk with Dr. Jenna Burton April 18, 2017

    Dr. Jenna and Jo are in studio talking about your medical questions and more. This is a doctors office on the air!

  • TechTalk with Nexa April 18, 2017

    Andrew Thomas joins the show to talk about the coolest tech on the planet and we kick off with a wonderful chat about a new CRM app

  • CarTalk with April 17, 2017

    This is a great hour talking about cars the one thing that unites us all here in Dubai, we love cars!

  • GetFitRadio with Innerfight April 17, 2017

    Marcus Smith, the creator of InnerFight, is in the house and we are answering your fitness questions.

  • The IndieJukebox April 12, 2017

    Kamal Musallam joins the show to shine a spotlight on some of the talent he is working with on his own label. Dwight Dickerson-Gentle Persuasion 4:17 Healer Twins-Snake in the Desert 3:07 Pasha Cazan-Garden Of Birds 3:05 Racha-Sakru Chababik 6:17 RED ONE-5PM 4:27 1The Gypsy Swing Project-Cesar Swing 2:06

  • DocTalk with Dr. Jenna Burton April 12, 2017

    Dr. Jenna Burton,, joins the show to answer your medical questions.

  • The CarClinic with March 11, 2017

    Glenn Power from joins the show to solver your car maintenance issues.

  • Cartalk with Motoring Middle East

    Another fantastic hour talking about the cars we love.

  • TechTalk with Nexa April 11, 2017

    Andrew Thomas joins the show and we talk about the tech that matters.

  • GetFitRadio with Innerfight's Marcus Smith April 10, 2017

    This is the longest running fitness radio program in the UAE and we are talking motivation, weights and more.

  • The DocTalk Show March 22, 2017

    Dr Jenna Burton has a stand-in this evening, Dr. Kamal Akkach from Health Bay Polyclinic and we are answering your health questions straight up.

  • The Indie Jukebox in RAW March 22, 2017

    Big Hass and Adam join the show to talk STEP Music the festival! Tayf (Ghost)_Mashrou Leila 4:25 Mish Aktar_Muqataa 3:38 Winter's Come_Saffron Collins 4:17 SchoolYard_Narcy 4:01 Ana Bukra Muattel_Autostrad 4:14 Tigers On Tujunga_BeiRu 2:20 SEGN BEL ALWAN_RAMY ESSAM ft. MALIKAH 5:14

  • The CarClinic with March 21, 2017

    Glenn Power is in the house answering your car repair questions.

  • The TechTalk Show with Andrew Thomas March 21, 2017

    Andrew joins the show from and we talk about some cool tech and learn that James is not the tech guy you think he is! James is more maverick than ever!