Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nightline Podcasts

  • The CarClinic January 17, 2017

    Glenn Power from joins the show to answer your car repair questions!

  • TechTalk with the Digital Jedi January 17, 2017

    Andrew Thomas the digital Jedi is in the studio talking tech!

  • GetFitRadio January 16, 2017

    Phil from Innerfight Gym is talking fitness, answering questions and maybe thinking about a donut!

  • The CarTalk Podcast January 16, 2017

    Nobody knows the auto industry in the Middle East better than the journos at and Motoring Middle East joins us in the studio to talk cars!

  • Why speed on the roads callin Jan 11, 2017

    Is there any good reason to not respect the speed limit?

  • The CarClinic January 10, 2016

    Glenn Power from is taking your car repair questions on the only car repair radio program in the Middle East.

  • Jukebox January 11,2016

    Malika joins Joshua Williams and James on the Jukebox, what a story and absolutely amazing tunes.

  • TechTalk January 10, 2017

    Fo from joins the show to talk about the latest in the word of tech, this is a very entertaining and informative podcast.

  • CarTalk January 9, 2017 is in the studio giving you advice and information about the cars you want to drive and steer clear of.

  • This is GetFitRadio January 9, 2017

    Need a bit of fitness motivation and have questions about fitness the myth and the reality? Marcus Smith is here to answer your questions!

  • The Indie Jukebox January 4, 2017

    Joshua Williams, Larry the intern and James talk the tunes from Dubai artists that grabbed their attention in 2016! Catch Daisy Grim, The BoxTones, As Per Casper, Davincci Park, Craig Perry and Vandalye

  • The Follow the French no email callin January 4, 2017

    Tim Klassen joins the show to talk about the idea of getting a break from work email after hours.

  • CarClinic January 3, 2017

    Have questions about car repair? The CarClinic is the only automobile repair show on Middle East Radio and maybe beyond! Glenn Power is in the studio from

  • TechTalk January 3, 2017

    The 1st TechTalk of the year and we are talking the Huawei Mate 9 phone and some other great toys you need with Jatin Mava.

  • GetFitRadio January 2, 2017

    Marcus Smith joins the show from Innerfight Gym and in this episode we work through what you need to do to succeed with your fitness and general life resolutions for 2017. This is a lifehack DIY of sorts!