New electronic media regulations deadline looming

New electronic media regulations deadline looming

Individuals and firms engaged in commercial activities on social media have just two more weeks to comply with the UAE’s new electronic media regulations.

That’s according to the National Media Council (NMC), which held a workshop in Abu Dhabi to explain the latest measures that’ll come into effect in June.

The session emphasised the importance of obtaining a mandatory license for carrying out commercial activities via online, visual and print media.

The new guidelines also apply to news websites, electronic publishing outlets, e-commerce; publishing and selling of print, video and audio material; as well as advertising.

Personal accounts, blogs and pages are not subject to these regulations, provided they are not commercial in nature.

“The aim of the regulations is to enhance competitiveness, increase reliability and support the provision of balanced, responsible and impartial media content that respects the privacy of individuals and protects society’s various segments from negative influences,” said Dr Rashid Al Nuaimi, the Council’s Executive Director of Media Affairs.

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