Nepal begins probe of plane crash, airline defends pilot

Nepal begins probe of plane crash, airline defends pilot

Investigators have retrieved the flight data recorder from the wreckage of a Bangladeshi airliner that crashed in Nepal’s Kathmandu airport, killing at least 49 aboard.

The US-Bangla airline and Nepali airport authorities have blamed each other in the aftermath of the disaster.

While the airline accused the air traffic control room for sending the wrong signal, the airport said the pilot landed from the wrong direction

The airline has defended Captain Abid Sultan and said he had more than 5,000 hours of flying experience and was specially trained to land at the Kathmandu airport.

Transmissions at the air controller show that, despite being cleared to land on runway 02, the flight began deviating from its course to runway 20.

An investigation is currently underway with Canadian planemaker Bombardier sending an air safety investigator and a field service representative to the site.

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