Michael McIntyre


Michael McIntyre: 5 Things I learned from the world’s highest earning comedian
By Richard Dean

Michael McIntyre’s last world tour in 2012 made him the world’s highest earning comedian, with ticket sales of £21 million (Dhs120 million). His new tour begins in his native UK this summer, and as part of his warm up he’s playing two gigs at Dubai World Trade Centre on June 12th and 13th 2015. You can hear the full interview on Business Breakfast on 11th June.

Here are 5 things we learned:

  • On Dubai driving: “Google breaking distances. And adhere to them.”
  • On his black Ferrari in London. “I wish it was in Dubai. It would look much better with the Dubai sunshine than in the London rain. But I’d have to have it in white.”
  • On stand-up comedy. “Just do it. Get on stage, find and open mic night and just start. It’s a building process – it’s like Dubai itself, one brick at a time.”
  • On public speaking. “Be faux confident and use your best stuff first. You’ve got to win them as quickly as you can.”
  • On managing money. “I was a a little bit riches to rags and back to riches. I got myself into terrible debt – just not being educated in financial matters like credit cards. I knew stuff I was being taught at school about oxbow lakes but not about money. I was worried my child’s first words would be ‘why did you have me you obviously can’t afford me’.”

You can hear the full interview on Business Breakfast on 11th June.

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