Made in the UAE

In an increasingly globalised business landscape, expansion of trade and manufacturing has become crucial. 

The UAE is no exception to this, with manufacturing a key component of its economic diversification efforts. In fact the country has chalked out plans to increase the industrial sector’s contribution towards the national GDP to 25 per cent by 2025. And it’s not just oil derivatives that are fuelling the Emirates’ vibrant manufacturing domain as metals, aluminium, chemicals, building materials, food and pharmaceuticals all have a role to play.

Over the coming weeks, The Business Breakfast will shine a spotlight on various companies that manufacture within the UAE and truly capture the skill and expertise that make this country great.

Check out the amazing series here:

When the Al Nassma story began in 2008, camel milk was deemed an unlikely ingredient in luxury chocolates.
Where others saw an oddity, Al Nassma saw a selling point, and the UAE brand is now celebrating its tenth anniversary.
Martin van Almsick, General Manager of Al Nassma Chocolate LLC gives us the lowdown on how they make camel milk chocolate in their local factory.


Agthia, the multi-billion dirham food company that makes Al Ain water. 



We’ve also been taking a closer look at the ‘wonder metal’ aluminium, which is all around us in everyday life.
The strong but lightweight material has helped change the world in ways previously unimaginable.
For many of the elements of modern life, from smartphones to buildings to cars and airplanes, we have aluminum to thank.
This versatile metal makes modern life possible:


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