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Major SZR roadworks nears completion

It’s soon going to be easier to get from Sheikh Zayed Road to the E311 and the E611. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that the 7th Interchange and Al Yalayes Road Improvement Projects are 85 per cent complete. They say the two changes, which are expected to improve the connection between Sheikh […]     Read More

Dubai schools made AED 7.5 billion in tuition fees

Private schools in Dubai have made AED 7.5 billion in tuition fees this year. That’s according to a new report by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), which revealed that schools collected AED 700 million more this year from fees than they did last year. It also found that the average tuition fee in […]     Read More

UAE condemns Ethiopia, Zimbabwe attacks

The UAE has strongly condemned Saturday’s terror attacks in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said it stood by both country’s efforts to combat all forms of violence and attempts to destabilise their governments. One person died and several others were injured when an explosion went off […]     Read More

85% of Yemeni territories liberated

More than 85 per cent of Yemeni territories have been liberated by the Saudi-led Arab coalition. That’s according to the Saudi officials, who say that Houthi militias are one of the tools that Iran is using to threaten the stability of the region. The UAE Armed Forces have helped the Yemeni Army and Joint Resistance […]     Read More

OPEC agree on ‘modest’ increase in oil production

OPEC have agreed to modestly increase oil production from next month. The decision comes after calls from major consumers to reduce the cost of fuel. In a statement, OPEC said it would raise supply by returning to 100 percent compliance with previously agreed output cuts. However they gave no figures on how much more oil […]     Read More

Thousands react to Abu Dhabi red light crash video

More than 25,000 people have given their feedback to a graphic video shared by authorities in Abu Dhabi of a crash caused by an SUV running a red light. As reported by ARN News, police in the capital took to social media on Monday to ask for public feedback on why road accidents happen and […]     Read More

Strategic sites taken from Houthi rebels

The UAE Armed Forces have helped the Yemeni Army and Joint Resistance Forces retake a numbers of strategic sites from Houthi rebels. Air cover and support was given by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition as pro-government forces made major advances against the Iran-backed militias. Key locations were taken in Lahej and Taiz, with scores of rebel […]     Read More

Illegal receivers seized in Abu Dhabi

Authorities have confiscated a number of illegally encoded receivers from a shop in Abu Dhabi. The emirate’s Department of Economic Development has been clamping down on the sale of these devices, which give people unlawful access to paid broadcast content. Those caught selling them can be prosecuted under the UAE’s intellectual property rights laws.     Read More

UAE committed to working with UN to boost relief efforts in Yemen

The UAE has expressed its commitment to working with the United Nations to boost humanitarian relief efforts in Yemen. The UAE’s permanent representative to the UN in New York, Ambassador Lana Zaki Nusseibeh, made the remarks while addressing a press briefing. The UAE’s latest contribution, made earlier this year, stood at AED1.7 billion and was […]     Read More
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