Listeners’ Best Inventions In Malcolm Taylor’s Lifetime #BusinessBreakfast

With Net Neutrality day on 12 July, the Business Breakfast conversation turned to the importance of a full-speed internet without fast and slow channels.

Malcolm Taylor stressed that the Internet was by far and away the best invention of his lifetime. It enables instant news access, communication, video sharing and has shrunk the world more than any previous invention. With special mention for the wonders of flight courtesy of the Wright Brothers, although that was (just) before Malcolm Taylor’s time!

Listeners were asked to name their favourite invention of the last 65 years, and these are 20 of the answers:

  1. Smart phone
  2. Personal computer
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Medical advances
  5. Bitcoin
  6. TV Remote Control
  7. Silicon Chip
  8. DSLR camera
  9. Driverless cars
  10. TEU’s Twenty-foot Equivalent Containers
  11. Live TV pause button
  12. Goal-line technology
  13. Microwave oven
  14. Air-conditioning
  15. T-20 cricket
  16. Boeing 747
  17. The Open University
  18. Desalination plants
  19. 3-D Printer
  20. And from Aiden….”Officially it’s sliced bread, isn’t it?”

Richard Dean gets a gold star for his entry, ‘Solar Power’, which is one that will no doubt shape life in so many ways over the next 20 years in this desert environment.

Hanan Marafie gets an honourable mention for her entry: ‘The 1979 Sony Walkman’, which revolutionized the way so many people listen to music.

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