Kaleidoscope on #DubaiToday with Sally Mousa

Sally Mousa is joined in the studio by Christine Kritzas, Counselling Psychologist at Lighthouse Arabia, and Nancy Teba, who is an expat mum on a journey of self-discovery, plus we’ll be talking to Mohammed Abdul Hakam, the co-founder of Blank Space, a monthly performance event in the heart of Dubai, where anyone can get in front of a mic for the very first time.

And we’ll be hearing from Taghred Chandab who started a learn-to-swim campaign when she decided to overcome one of her greatest fears…

Is there something that you’re dying to do, but a paralysing fear is holding you back? Maybe it’s being afraid to speak in public, being afraid to let go, being afraid to find out what you’re really capable of…

Join us for a conversation, you can call us and share your story – the text lines are open on 4001, on the Dubai Eye app, and the studio line on 04 423 10 10.

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