James Piecowye


James Piecowye

Canadian-born James dubs himself “The One and Only Idea Rock Star”!

Weeknights from 8PM-10PM., James discusses the burning issues of the moment with the UAE, always sharing thought-provoking ideas and concerns through meaningful discussion.

James arrived in Dubai in 2000 to take up a teaching position at a university. While he should formally be addressed as Dr. James Piecowye because of his PhD in Communications from the University of Montreal, he still prefers to dispense the formalities and get down to the business of conversation!

James has a love of colour, which he displays daily through his affinity for Hawaiian shirts, which he wears with honour.
It was through determination and persistence that James landed his first radio slot.

“I approached a station and badgered them to create the radio programming I was missing, until one of the hosts said: Let’s try one show together.”  And the rest is history!

He lives by the motto: “Make everything you do WOW!” and staying in line, James considers landing his own radio show as one of his greatest achievements.

What would James still like to achieve in life? He wants to be on a stage with 50,000 people waiting on every words, action and grimace he makes.

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