It’s Kaleidoscope on #DubaiToday with Suzanne Radford and Dr Samineh Shaheem

Suzanne Radford is joined in the studio by cross cultural psychologist Dr Samineh Shaheem.

The 10th of October was marked as Mental Health Day by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Suzanne and Samineh are talking about mental health. 

The WHO estimate that 400 million people all over the world, across all ages, suffer from depression, with more women are affected than men. (Source WHO Fact sheet N°396, Updated September 2015) 

Mental disorders include depression, bipolar affective disorder, schizophrenia, dementia, intellectual disabilities and autism. There are effective strategies for preventing mental disorders, and Suzanne Radford and Dr Samineh Shaheem look at mental health, while offering advice and support. 

For more information about mental health, and support in the community.


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