Friday, March 24, 2017

Isobel Abulhoul and John McDonald


Isobel Abulhoul

Isobel says the three hours she spends on the show each week fly by. “This is a very enjoyable hobby and not my job… the hard work is having to read the books every week and research all the material for the program.”

Isobel says she enjoys talking about books with “like-minded people” and lists author Paolo Coelho as her most challenging interview. “He is a very difficult character to pin down and it was a great challenge to get him to commit to anything beyond yes and no!”


John McDonald

Like Isobel, Talking of Books is far from a full-time occupation for me – but it’s always a very pleasant diversion from the day job. As a free-lance journalist, I have to write for a living, so reading other people’s work is an enjoyable relief.  ToB gives us a very varied diet of books that we might otherwise have missed. Author interviews are a regular highlight of the programme and we have had many fascinating guests over the years. Join us every week and share in the fun.