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Mexico gets largest ocean reserve in North America

Mexico has opened the largest ocean reserve in North America. The reserve has been created around a group of volcanic islands called the Revillagigedo Archipelago. The 57,000 square mile protection zone is home to hundreds of species of marine life including whales, rays and sea turtles. Fishing is now banned in the area, which will […]     Read More

Official inquiry promised in to disappearance of navy submarine

Argentina’s President has vowed than an official inquiry will be made into the disappearance of a navy submarine. Mauricio Macri said that despite fading hopes of success, the search for the ARA San Juan and its 44 crew members will continue. Earlier this week it was revealed than a sound “consistent with an explosion” was […]     Read More

Japan to subsidize education costs, improve elderly care

Japan is taking big steps to subsidize education costs and improve elderly care. Tokyo has announced that it will set aside close to AED 66 billion as part of an economic package due next month. The government will also spend another AED 26 billion to offer free university education to youths across the country. The […]     Read More

F15 pilots reminded to keep windscreens clean

US Air Force (USAF) is reminding its UK-based pilots to keep their cockpit windows clean in order to avoid mid-air collisions. USAF F-15 jets operated by British pilots were involved in almost 20 close-calls with UK aircraft in the past five years. A pilot was recently praised for avoiding a collision when he spotted a […]     Read More

Poles protest judiciary reform

Thousands of Poles have protested after the country’s ruling party took further steps to reform the judiciary. MPs from the Prawo i Sprawiedliwość party have lent their initial support to a series of controversial bills aimed at reforming the judiciary. The bills, if approved, would give parliament and the president a stronger say over the […]     Read More

Egypt responds to mosque attack

Egypt’s President has pledged to reply with the ‘utmost force’ after militants killed more than 230 people at a mosque in North Sinai on Friday. Abdul Fattah al-Sisi said his country’s military has already carried out air strikes on “terrorist” targets. In a televised address shortly after the attack, Sisi said: “What is happening is […]     Read More

Escaped tiger shot dead in Paris

A tiger which escaped from a circus in Paris has been shot dead. Circus handlers tracked down the big cat just south of the Eiffel Tower with local media reports saying no one was injured by it. The tiger’s owner has been taken into custody and police have launched an investigation.       Read More

Pakistan releases from house arrest militant leader Hafiz Saeed

A Pakistani militant leader accused of masterminding a bloody 2008 assault in the Indian city of Mumbai was released from house arrest on Friday. He told his cheering supporters that his freedom was a vindication of his denial of guilt. Hafiz Saeed, who has a $10 million US bounty on his head, had been under […]     Read More

Nepal to elect new parliament after years of instability

Citizens in Nepal will vote on Sunday to choose a new parliament in a bid to end years of political instability. Voters will also choose representatives to seven provincial assemblies for the first time after Nepal turned into a federal republic and abolished monarchy in 2008. The election is scheduled in two phases that will […]     Read More
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