Indian cyclist on epic world journey reaches UAE

Indian cyclist on epic world journey reaches UAE

It has taken Dr. Raj Phandan around 26 months to pedal his way to the UAE.

Popularly known as Cycle Baba, the Indian national embarked on this journey way back in 2016, a few years after he lost his wife.

“I started from my hometown in Haryana, and have so far covered 35,000 kms and 22 countries,” he told ARN News in an exclusive interview. 

Apart from meeting people from different cultures and learning their customs, Raj is also pedalling for a green cause.

“I want to meet more people and share my thoughts on environment conservation. Even if one per cent of them get influenced, my journey will be worth it.”

This is the 37-year-old Ayurvedic doctor’s first time in Dubai and so far he’s managed just a quick glance at the iconic Burj Khalifa. “I’m hoping to do my bit of sightseeing in the next few days,” he adds.

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Cycle Baba’s journey doesn’t end in the UAE. His aim is to cycle to 200 countries around the world in 12 years.

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