Health And Wellbeing For Teenage Boys #DubaiToday

Motivating teenage boys to be fit and healthy can be difficult. A recent report from Australia claimed some teenage boys drink up to 50 litres of soft drinks in a year with boys being far more likely to visit the vending machine than their female counterparts for their fizzy fixes as well as for junk food in general. Statistics show that boys are also at an increasing risk of anorexia and depression during their teenage years.

Suzanne Radford invites a trio of men in studio to inspire and educate you and your boys on how to get active and healthy. Robin Giles, Director of Rugby and Head of Strength and Conditioning at Dubai English Speaking College, Keith O’Malley-Farrell, Managing Partner at The Physical Training Company and Spencer Lodge, Founder of Make-It-Happen

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You can also take a look at our Health page here on advice on how to deal with some common teenage behavioural problems.

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