First video of rescued Thai boys in hospital

First video of rescued Thai boys in hospital

The 12 boys freed from a flooded Thai cave after a gruelling 17-day ordeal can be seen waving from their hospital beds in a new video released by the Thai authorities.

With their faces covered by green surgical masks, the boys flash the V-for-Victory sign.

“Actually, we didn’t want to show [these clips], but many people didn’t believe [that the boys are healthy], so we decided to show it to the press today,” the head of the joint command centre coordinating the rescue operation said. 

The boys – aged between 11 and 16 – were rescued in relatively “good condition”, but doctors said they will be closing monitored and be quarantined.

Their parents were allowed to see them through a glass barrier and talk to them using hospital phones.

Doctors say some boys recorded low body temperatures and were provided with heaters, while two have shown signs of a lung infection.

The Thai Navy Seals also released a video showing the three-day rescue operation that captivated the world.

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