The Future of Financial Technology

The DIFC is making sure that the latest in financial technology, or Fintech, is designed with this region in mind. The DIFC’s new Fintech Hive accelerator has chosen 11 start-ups from around the world, and brought them to Dubai to develop their technology here, with local banks and mentors. 

Over the next three months, the Business Breakfast is putting all 11 start-ups through their interview paces, as they get ready to meet with local investors.

Ali Hajjaj, CEO of Labiba, joins us we interview our last finalists from the DIFC Fintech HIVE accelerator. He is a visual bot builder.

The start-ups in the DIFC Fintech Hive accelerator are just weeks away from their final challenge – pitching to investors. We speak to one that’s helping banks adopt blockchain technology, without ripping out all their old systems.

Mark Chahwan, Co-Founder of Sarwa, is one of the finalists in the DIFC’s Fintech HIVE accelerator programme. He told us why he wants to reduce the cost of investing for young people here in the Middle East.

Astyanax Kanakakis, CEO and Co-Founder of Norbloc, is one of the DIFC Fintech Hive Accelerator companies we’ve been speaking to. The company has just raised 1.6 million dollars in seed financing. We speak to their CEO about what that means for the company.

Jafar Babayev, CEO of Maliyya, talks to us in studio. The company is a new peer to peer investment site that’s going through the DIFC FinTech HIVE accelerator process. 

Eric Hoefer, Co-Founder of Starling Trust, continues our series looking at Fintech start-ups in Dubai. The company uses machine learning to help banks spot bad behaviour by rogue traders.

Moussa Beidas, CEO and Co-Founder of Bridg, talks about his business which allows smartphones to transact with one another, even if one of them is offline. It turns any smartphone into a point of sale machine.

Fanny Mordin, Business Development Manager at Norbloc, joins us to continue our series on Fintech companies based in DIFC. It’s a Swedish company using blockchain to help banks with the cumbersome process of getting to Know Your Customer, or KYC.

Gareth Lewis, CEO of Delio, continues our conversation on fintech companies coming through HIVE in DIFC. He explains how they help super-rich clients invest in hard-to-find private deals.

Rajesh Prasad, Partner at Semantify, joins us to talk FinTech and explain exactly what the company does. He says they can make it much easier for companies to look at business analytics in a much simpler and more understandable format.

Egor Avertisov, Chief Commercial Officer at Middleware, talks about Fintech. They’ve created a way to give money to your friends and family directly from your credit card.

Raja Al Mazrouie, Acting Executive VP at Fintech Hive, tells us about the DIFC officially launching its FinTech Hive accelerator. We also hear from a number of the selected start ups. 


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